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with all this crap about war on iraq - me thinks a lot of people are staying at home...india is miles away from iraq and we have GRRRREEAAATTT beaches, mountains, tribes, adventure .... name it - and we have it!!!!
feel free to contact me for any help you all out there may need ....

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Hi Minny,

Welcome to Travellerspoint! i agree that possibly a lot of people are wary of travelling nowadays, particularly anywhere in the seeming vicinity of the middle east. It is sad really, because when you think about it, there probably is just as much danger to people travelling in India as there is in commuting to work!


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You guys are both right! India is a wonderful country. I was living in Rajasthan (pretty close to the border with Pakistan) for five months and was there during Sept. 11, 2001. I have to say that I felt more safe there than many did in the US. The people in India are so wonderful and I never felt at risk because of the war. I hope that people aren't afraid to come to India....it's one of the best places in the world!

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All I have ever heard about India was great and I am definitely hoping to go there sometime in the not too far future. I was going to go a few years ago but the project I was going to work on got cancelled at the last minute which was a major bummer for me....ended up being Australia instead which was of course not too shabby either

Actually, I am kind of also looking into a business enterprise that has a lot to do with India. These guys I know have a school in India and offer courses to students studying cultural anthropology in Norway. Instead of doing a semester in Norway, they offer exactly the same thing in India....great way to combine travelling with uni! Maybe soon I will head on over.....

Travellerspoint has a lot of members from India actually....definitely one of the top ten countries.



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Wow, I was just reading over this thread and must say that I have been proven right! Just the day before yesterday, my car was smashed into by someone going straight through a red light. And yes, I was driving home from work. The car is a total loss, but thankfully neither my wife nor myself was seriously injured.. Just goes to show how close things can get though and certainly makes me appreciate being on this planet a little more

By the way, to prove Minny's point about the beaches - there are some fresh pictures in the photo gallery of a beautiful looking beach Varkalla, India.

note.. I have just moved this thread to the Asia forum where it belongs.

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Hey folks!

Im off to India in November for 4 months..cant wait! and nepal for xmass. Any advice..Ideas general hints or tips would be great.


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hey im wendell from bombay...any travellers wanna know anything bout bombay..feel free to contact me!

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I'm heading off to south india (bangalore and kerala) -- any advice, tips, places I should go? thanks

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hey hey, I would like to visit india next month. have only 4 days. can somebody tell me the cheapest flight (from belgium), accomodation & food and of course the best to see that quick ???

thanks a lot!!!!!!!


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Presently whole of India has summer season and most part of India is around 40 Deg.C. suggest you to take enough care from heat if you are in the states of Rajasthan, Bihar and other north indian states and Andhra pradesh. Ofcourse if some of you cannot avoid being here during this or next month suggest you to visit nearest hill stations for a few days to cool off.

To specific questions asked by some members, You can visit Mysore about 150kms from Bangalore.Or you can visit some coffee estates near to Mysore. Don't miss Brindavan gardens by the side of river Cauvery.
Kerala has some fine beaches near Trivandrum specially at Kovalam and Varkala.One can take a house boat at a town called Alleppey and can spend a day surrounded by a huge lake.You can have ayurvedic massage in Kerala too.

To spend only 4days in the south, one can visit Tiruchy. tanjore and Madurai cities to see stone sulptures and cultures of south india.
Incase you wish to know more or need assistance pls let me know.

have a nice trip.