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Hu guys

My husband and I are emigrating to Aus end of next year but before we settle down we plan to do a bit of a tour. We arrive in sydney and want to hire a motorhome and travel all the way up to cape tribulation taking in the usual sites along the way including the blue mountains. we then want to fly from Cairns to ayers rock, the fly to melbourne then drive on to sydney. Any recommendations?

Does anyone have any idea approx how long it would take to do comfortably and approx cost?

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Hi Laura,
You need to be very flexible! Driving practically every day, it could take you the best part of a month to do that first leg north! Seriously big distances involved, so you're looking at two months minimum to do it in relaxed fashion. That said, places in Australia have a habit of hooking you and making you stay, so you could well end up stopping somewhere for a while. In fact, it would be rude not to. It's a legal requirement to stop and chill on a beach twice a week. Well, probably.
The other 'bit' to Uluru (proper name) is as quick as you like if you're flying - just a case of how long you stay.
Melbourne is a very cosmopolitan place if you enjoy cafe society and nightlife, but then so is Sydney. It should take a leisurely week or so to drive between the two - go along the coast road for the views rather than the inland highway, which will get you there in 24hrs if you drive through the night!
Boy am I envious!

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Hi Steve

Thanks for that, really helpful. I just checked your profile thats some impressive travelling.

So prob about 2 months huh? How much cash do you reckon we will need for this adventure? just a rough idea would be good.

Thanks very much.