how possible is this road trip?

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i been thinking about traveling from Mexico city trough the whole latin america in my motorcycle and make a stop in every country at least for 2 entire days just like Che Guevara did how much money you all think i need to make this dream come true and how dangerous is it to drive only at daylight not at night and spending the night in very very cheap Motel Rooms and in how many weeks you all think this road trip is going to take and what can i expect from this trip (sorry about my writting i just got off from work and im very tired lol

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have you done any prior research at all, or you simply expect us to do all the work for you?

At the very least, let us know:

  • how much time you can afford to spend
  • ditto for budget
  • which countries you want to visit
  • where you're from (there may be some visa issues involved here)
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also: do you speak spanish good enough to get you out of any trouble?

if not, add more moeny to your bottom line

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