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Can anyone suggest vibey bars and restaurants in Cusco, Peru? I'd be interested to here your thoughts.

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i've lived /worked out in cusco before
here are some quick recommendations:

Places you should NOT eat at:
Baghdad Cafe in the Plaza de Armas actually, Just about anywhere in the Plaza de Armas
Most places on that tourist street that cars can't get onto on the side opposite the church (not the cathedral/catedral) in the Plaza de Armas, try not to eat anywhere where people are outside of the place trying to get you to come in to eat.

Places you should DEFINITELY eat at or try.
El Molino on calle Plateros (it's a wood oven pizzeria, easily the best pizza in cusco)

Don Estaban y Don Pancho: 3 locations - avenida de sol across from the post office, avenida de la cultura in manuel prado across from the colegio, and near calle marques (sandwiches and good bread, decent desserts)

sanguches de juanito on calle carmen alta in san blas (best sandwiches)

the juice ladies of the mercado central in the mercado central aka plaza tupac amaru (fresh made juices, find irene, she hooks it up, be sure to ask for your yapa aka bonus cup)

hermanos broders on avenida de la cultura in manuel prado next to los toldos, across from etapoy and the gas station (good sandwiches)

etapoy on avenida de la cultura in manuel prado near the gas station, across from los toldos and hermanos broders

panaderia de la familia bartolome on calle tullumayo (bakery, good chocolate filled croissant things, the name of the place could be wrong, but it's next to a book store with the same name, something bartolome)

there you go.

irish pub is good, not sure if that's the name, but ask someone for it and you'll get there.
can't remember others ones as i went with some friends who live there so just make some friends and go with them.

if you need a tour agency i used one called nanmihua, they should have a site. highly recommend.
they've got their shit together, not sure how their english is, but they're good.
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I thought Cusco had some amazing places to eat.

Had best curry in South America there. It was upstairs on the corner of the street with all the banks. Don't recall name. Might be in my blog. *edit: Maikhana is the name of restaurant.

Jacks was a bar with a great vibe, and good food.

It was my birthday whilst I was there and we ate in a restaurant called Cicciolina's which was a 2 minute walk up the hill from the main plaza towards San Blas. Top top class food. It was in a small courtyard and very beautiful. The bakery there is great too.

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I found the Inka Grill to have very good food and atmosphere (northwest side of Plaza de Armas). They do serve Cuy but I had the Aji de Gallina which was delicious. If you prefer a European bar, Paddy O'Flaherty's pub was a very cool spot to get a pint (on Calle Triunfo Hatunrumiyoc a couple of doors down from th Plaza de Armas).


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