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Hello there,

wanting to plan a trip for 6 months inc these destinations no particular order really except want to end up somewhere nice for end of trip as we are going to renew our vows and would like to be in sydney for newyear...
thinking of leaving oct 2009

rio, amazon and the inca trail
L.A ( breifly to see friends)
east coast and ayres rock aus
south africa for safari - location suggestions welcome
then back via singapore maybe?? somewhere not sure??!
as you can see at the begginings of planning and would love your suggestion on route - and def on budget and flight costs??? Im under 26 ( 25 in feb) but my hubby is 30...

looking forward to your ideas and advise

emma x

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6 months to all the places you have mentioned, plus flight costs would equal just under 10,000 GBP, or if you went full on budget style, just under 8,000 GBP.

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are you meaning this price PP or for the two of us?

also thinking of skipping L.A now but def seeing some of asia...when coming up with your prices how did you come up with flight costs - and which packages/companys would you reccommend?

em x

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Per person, usualy you budget yourself per day then round it up, usualy it's 1,000 GBP per month everyone says, so thats at least 6,000 for accomodation, food, drink, trips etc, plus your flights, if get a RTW ticket then you will be be needing about 7,500 GBP per person for the whole thing, i think because there if two of you, it may be a little less because you tend to share things and whatnot

If you just buy the plane tickets when your finished in a certain country then you will need a little more, but by the sound of it you have a concrete specific route.

Go onto a RTW ticket website, plan your route and thats how much your plane tickets will cost.

Try: http://www.roundtheworldflights.com/default.aspx

Create your won route, then add about 5-6,000 GBP onto that amount and there if your costings.


About the safari, thankfully South Africa is quite well developed so there will be plenty of businesses offering safari's, especialy budget ones.

It's a good idea to choose Asia over LA because if way cheaper and id say more of a life experience? But everyones different, i personaly like to see different cultures and lifestyles.

I do hope this helps!

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Remember, you do not have to fly everywhere. I backpacked around the world at 14 yrs old my first time, though I did it in just over a year. The way to always go the cheapest is FOLLOW THE TRADE ROUTES. Like when I was done with the East Coast of Africa and South Africa, I caught a trade boat up the coast of West Africa to Italy. Though a bit harder to plan it is common for all cargo ships to have a dozen or more actually pretty nice cabins that often go unsold. These are a fraction of a cruise ship or airline and make for a great adventure. I also took a trade boat all the way down the nile river. Now the boat got stranded in Wadhi Halfa for a week, of which they gave me the option to caravan out by camel, of which I thought they were joking but no they were not. I opted to wait out the week in the most God forsaken part of the desert you could ever dream of- but oh well, another adventure. Hope this may help-- Roman