Las Vegas & NYC 2 week honeymoon - help needed please!!

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We recently got married and are currently planning our honeymoon, we both have 2 weeks (possibly 3) and would love to visit las vegas & new york...

As we have never been on a big trip before we're not too sure where to start...

We would be flying out from Manchester, England, would it be better to fly direct to New York and then get a connecting flight to Vegas or the other way around??

Also does anyone know who the best flights are with as we would need to book 3 seperate flights - England to New York, New York to Vegas and then Vegas to England... We are flexible with the time of year to go but do have a limited budget...

Can anyone recommend Hotels/Motels in both locations and any useful websites we can look at??

Plus any other information or advice would be greatly apprecaited....

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Hello and welcome to the forum,
My first piece of advice would be to go only to NYC. Vegas (I am there now) is not what people make it out to be. Really it is a big dive with a lot of fancy casinos. You can get anything you want in NYC as it is a huge city with tons to offer. Plus you would save alot of money and hassle and have all the time you want.

If this isn't an option for you than you will probably want to look for an open Jaw flight (OJ) that way you can book it all through one site and save alot of cha-ching$. I think your best priceing would be through Priceline or Orbizt. You can also book your hotel on these sites and save some more.

Happy hunting,


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I do agree that Vegas is overblown, but on the other hand, who are we to judge what strangers want to see? It's worth the trip, if not just to see all the fat and crazy Americans throwing their dollars away. Vegas has become much more of a family destination recently - less of just gambling and showgirls. Just let me say, that both Vegas and NYC are far far from the best of the United States! You will be blown away by prices in New York. $100. will buy you very little in a hotel room in NY, but certainly much better in Vegas.

As to air routing, you just have to start comparing prices and offers. Right now starting in Jan the prices will be very good vs June/July when demand is high and fares go through the roof. I suggest you fly on a European airline - US carriers are generally quite poor. Be very picky what kind of plane you fly on. For instance, I refuse to fly on narrow body planes across the pond/uncomfortable - go for the 777 or 747, and you might have to fly out of LHR instead of MAN. In the US, our best domestic carriers include jetBlue, Southwest, Alaska, Midwest and Frontier. Don't pick the cheapest hotels and don't pick the most expensive either. Check hotel ratings on Tripadvisor B4 you book.

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Well, if you ask me - I loved NYC. It may not be the "best" of the country, but i quite like the buzz and life found in the city... I guess manhattan would be expensive, but other parts may be easier on the purse?

the second time i was in NYC, they put me up in jersey city where the cost of acco is lower. but u may miss out on the feel of 'staying in nyc' i suppose.

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For a honeymoon, both NYC and Vegas have their appeal. If you're traveling in the summer, NYC is more climate friendly, remember that Vegas is really hot between April and Sept. It's definitely cheaper to stay in Vegas, much better package deals, NYC is pretty expensive hotel-wise. Lots to see and do both places, great show either place,and show prices not that much different. REAL theatre, definitely NYC, entertainment value, Vegas! Just check out various web sites, and research. You could do both, but seems like a reach to me. I'd pick one, and do it WELL !! Good luck and congrats on the nuptials!;)

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Ive been to new york and las vegas twice. Personally id go to new york first. that was you can get over the jet lag. Then go to vegas. New york is more touristy i think. you go and see central park, the empire state building, liberty island, go on a bus tour of the city etc...

vegas is more fun. I think its the best place in the world. Cant wait to go again. There are always shows to see in the evenings. loads of entertainment. its not all gambling in vegas. you can also do the helicopter tour of the hoover dam and the canyon. It flies over the strip at night which is worth the trip alone. i highly recommend that.
Having gone to vegas when it was at its coldest and its hotest id say go to vegas when it hot. i worried about it as im not great in the heat but its a dry heat and i loved it.

Never go to new york when its cold im my opinion. You are outdoors alot during the day except for when you are shopping of course

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