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Anybody got safety tips for travel in Columbia?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Anybody got safety tips for travel in Columbia?

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I am American and traveled around the world, but never to South America. Once upon a time I worked in Central America about an hours drive from a major civil war. I'm trying to now travel safer as I have a family back at home to be accountable to plus I'm a little older now without that "fearlessness" that comes with plain ol' youth.

If there are cities in Colombia that you know of that are high risk to Americans, let me know. The State Department and other US agencies usually just "blacklist" the entire country, if there have been recent kidnappings/ homicides/ etc. or retaliation against Americans for whatever reason, i.e. recent DEA or CIA entanglements with Cartels.

My spanish is not good enough to blend in there, so any safety tips out of the usual let me know. Mostly seeking current advice within the last year, as how you may have traveled there five years ago may have little bearing on safety today.

Any even small advice on "areas" to avoid or do further research on will be of the utmost benefit--thanks in advance for any kind reply!!!

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First it's ColOmbia not ColUmbia. (LOL). anyways....

I was just in Colombia this summer and am returning there in a few weeks. You have to remember even though Colombia is getting safer it is still a dangerous country. In 2005 it was still listed as one of the top dangerous counntries in the world. Having that been said you don't have a lot to worry about. In general it is a wonderful place to visit.
You don't give a lot of info as far as what you plan to do or where you want to go. A lot of the rural and jungle areas are still no-go. Especially the region near Venezuela as in that is where alot of the guerilla activity is, also avoid the area just south of the Darien Gap ( I've heard a few woe stories there). My main caution for you is risk of robery, there seems to be is a lot of that there.

I was robbed at knife point on a run with my little brother, but that was my stupidity of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. While I was there Front page of the paper was about a bus robbery involving 3-4 conspiritors.
Poor but happy is a good place to get info because it is very active but take everything with a grain of salt. They people on it are very sensitive about there country and are sick of the 'is colombia safe' questions. It is also far less regulated than this form (I don't dig it much).

Why are you going to Colombia?

La vida de viaje es cheverre,


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Thanks Ice. And thanks for catching the typo. And many thanks to your safety tips. It's too bad you were robbed while jogging. I am from Los Angeles, CA born and raised but usually if you stay away from the "wrong crowd" or the drug-life you're okay there. It sounds a little more out of control in Colombia probably in direct relationship with current economy.
Again, thanks! You gave me some insight we hadn't thought of.