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hello to all , I want a meet new travellers through this site!
Enjoy your days!

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Hi Sujan,

Welcome to the site. You seem very similar to a recent spammer on our forum - 'stable_bj' aka 'Himalaya'. Even the pictures in your gallery are formatted the same as your 'competition'. I have to wonder, are you actually looking to meet new travellers, or just trying to sell your trek guide services on this site?


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Hello Peter
Thanks for your message!
I have no idea who is stable_bj; I found this site just recently and trying to know it in detail. By reading your mail, I notice that you are treating other way for the Member from Nepal. Do you think Nepalese people never can afford traveling?

To let you know that, Trekking Guide is my part time job and I only go trekking when some one request otherwise I am busy with my university tasks. If you looks all Nepalese in one way that may not be good for you, I know you can banned me from your service but an Independent Nepalese have no tolerance of what you wrote on my topic.


4. Posted by Peter (Admin 6631 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi Nepal,

I only asked the question. I have nothing against Nepalese people and would encourage travellers from Nepal to post on here. In fact, we are very welcoming to all travellers.

Your membership is too suspicious to be a coincidence though. For starters, we don't get that many tour guides joining from Nepal to make it likely that two would join within days of each other and only days after the first one was banned. To make it worse though, the images in your gallery are formatted exactly the same was as Himalaya's and stable_bj's - 96 pixels wide. Of all the hundreds of pictures that have been uploaded on this site, yours, stable_bj's and Himalaya's are the ONLY ones that have come in at that size.

Considering you decided to answer me and keep the lie up, I've taken the liberty of digging deeper. The very phone number you mention in your travel helper description ( 00977-1-4700434 ) can also be found on other sites, promoting the same company (botanical treks) that stable_bj and Himalaya promoted;

Sorry dude, but you're not just a fun-loving poster - you're what we call a 'spammer' and if I see any more re-incarnations of you, they will all get an instant ban! Our rules are clear! Spamming gives your company a bad name in online travel communities and, deserved or not, you've managed to give Botanical Treks a very bad name.