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Hello Peeps!

I am looking at traveling to Barcelona this coming March.

I understand that Girona airport is about 100km away from the city center and the best way to get to the city center is via bus. This would cost 21 euro with return. Question : Any cheaper alternative than this ?!?!

Hotel : i did a google search and found Barcelona room 294 seems to be a good deal - USD 100 for 2 nights, double shared bathroom. Anyone stayed here before ? Any other recomendation ?

Barceloneta beach - How far is this beach area from the city center ? i am planning only to stay 3d2n. Do you think there is enough time for me to 'cover' the city center plus this beautiful beach ?

Any other advice/info that i need to know or you would like to tell me :D

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21 euros is a reasonable return price from Girona airport. As to accommodation, try:


If you only have 3 days there, spend it in the city. A beach is just a beach.

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From Girona Airport the cheapest way to arrive to Barcelona is the bus.

The beach is around 20 minutes in underground from everyplace in the city but march is not enought warm to enjoy it.


Enjoy it. :)


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About Girona Airport: The cheapest way would be to take a bus form the airport to Girona downtown, and from there take a train to Barcelona. I'm not sure how much a bus to Girona would cost you, certainly not much, and a train to Barcelona would be around 6,75 euros.

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I rode a metro to get some kilometers outside of Barcelona when I was there in the direction of Girona. I BELIEVE this goes all the way to Girona, but I don't recall. It was significantly cheaper than 21 euro if it did. Would be a good idea to check it out. Again, this was February and I wasn't paying much attention, but the direction was appropriate. It was actually a pretty nice ride as well, hugging the beach for a good portion of the way.

  • I googled and didn't find any definitive answer, but google MAP showed a rail track running from Barcelona to Girona, so I am thinking I am correct*

For accommodation, if you are up for hostels, hostelworld had some good ones. I stayed in Seapoint which was terrible for meeting people, but had an amazing view. You are literally right on the beach.

On the beach itself, it is, like Cyberia said, a beach. But it is still a nice beach. I wandered a good portion of it and it only took an hour. I would venture that 3 hours would take you along most of the coast around Barcelona. However, I think I enjoyed the climate at the time of year better than I would have at summer. I went in February of 2008. Yes, it was a little chilly, but nothing a fleece sweater couldn't take care of. I would say it is about a 30 minute walk to Las Ramblas from the Seapoint area, and it has great architecture along the way.

Hope some of the input helps.

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hire a can cover so much of the city by riding around. Its fun gets you outdoors and exercising I can't recomend it enough

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Hi there!

If you do not want to spend your money for restaurants, here are some of the cheapest supermarkets:

If you plan to taste some spanish food, so do not eat in LAS RAMBLAS , it is very expensive and sometimes not very good. It is better to eat in Gothic or Borne area, you can find MENU DEL DIA, consisting of 3 courses, by 8-10 euros.

If you want to find accommodation in Barcelona, it is better to rent a room, cos it is cheaper, cleaner and with safetythan to stay in any hostel ;). For ex., i found through "Gumthree forum" one girl, who gives cheap her room for rent. I stopped there. It was just the city centre in Gothic area, on Regomir street, just in one minute from City Port, Las Ramblas y the beach . I paid just 25 euros per night including all and i was alone in the room and just with the landlady in the apartment. I got my own key and came back home any time i want. Here is her contacts:


If you need INTERNET, so you can have 15 minutes of internet for free at any public libraries .

Good luck!

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