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I'm headed on a three week trip beginning in Zambia. Does anyone have any travelling tips/ideas?


Mark :)

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I was there last January. I was with my grandparents who had lived there for 3 years already working as missionaries so they took care of all the planning but one thing we did that was amazing was went white water rafting on the Zambezi river by Victoria Falls. (you definitely have to see the falls as well) It was $100 for a full day (with meals) but was totally worth every penny.

Make up for it by bargaining with the people that sell their crafts at the markets that are all over. If you don't like the price just say thats crazy and walk away they'll most likely follow you. It actually kind of gets addictive :)

I can't think well right now I'm real tired but if I think of anything more specific later I'll add it on.


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I went last year and its amazing, the white water rafting is a must, we did it with some british company but i forget the name :( safari or something.

haggle haggle in the markets its very fun and u can pick up many bargains.

go on a safari in the luanga park that was great as well

try and meet the real zambian people in rural areas as well they are extrememly nice people.

muntinundo mountain area has some spectacular scenery like waterfalls and granite domes

Lusaka is a bit horrible and be in your guard for pick pockets and prostitutes.

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Try the Livingston Island tour at Victoria Falls.. They take us across by boat to the closest island to Victoria Falls. You get to see the falls from different prespective - not one you can get from either the Zambia or Zimbabwe side. The best hightlight is they will take you to the very edge of the Victoria Falls. You even get to sit in a small rock ledge at the edge of Victoria Falls, with water from the falls gushing past you.

We booked via a tourist office @ Zambesi Sun Hotel.

Ps. if you go, bring swimming gear. They don't tell you about the optional bit - going into water.

Also, definitely try staying on the banks of lower Zambesi River - there's a national park there. Try and get a chance to canoe in the national park - different perspective to a normal safari drive.


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I have to joined all the previous post the white water rafting is a must must must do. We did used safari per excellence. George swing is really good too, with per excellence as well.
The sunset cruise is good too, it´s better kwon as booze cruise.

Enjoy your trip in Zambia

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Try S.Luangwa nat'l park, it has been called the best game park in the world. I think its about 3-4 hrs east of Lusaka. Lusaka isn't all that fascinating, if you want to take a tour of the shanty towns go to a hostel and you can find a local guide for 10-20 Usd. Victoria Falls is definitely great, find a local guide at the entrance gates and they can take you to the "angels armchair" a natural whirlpool on the lip of the falls (only in africa could you do this!!) also theres a spot that you can dive into another natural whirlpool right on the face of the falls, totally insane and not for the faint of heart. Bungee jumping as well on the bridge, i think it was around $75 USD. Wouldn't reccomend going into Zimbabwe, The zambian side of the falls is the best. You can catch evening sunset/booze cruises which are fairly cheap. I also went to an island called Bovu Island, run by Jungle Junction in Livingstone. Very remote but beautifully built and relaxing, you can find them on the net just search for Jungle Junction.
Have fun

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Popular choice the booze cruise! We did it on some old wreck of a boat, great band and beer flowed all evening. We all flashed our bums at the posher boats where they sippped gin & tonics from whicker chairs!

White Water rafting also a must do!

Walk on the bridge to Zim, then jump off it! Bungee!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are there ar full moon, climb over the fence at night, see the water dancing off the falls in the reflection of the moon and see rainbows at night!

We stayed at the Grotto Backpackers, where they can arrange he white water rafting and the booze cruise.

Flights cheaper to ZA from Vic falls in Zim, but cost us (Brit passports) 35 U$ for day visa which we had not accounted for and made it the same price!

You do have to haggle lots with the market vendors as everyone esle said too!

Enjoy - its great!

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If you're going to see Victoria Falls, go through the Zambezi Sun hotel in Livingstone. If you enter at the park's main gate they'll charge you US$5, but if you go through the hotel they have their own entrance and you can get in for free. Just tell the guards at the gate that you're going to have lunch at the restaurant and they'll let you through. Good luck!