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My bf and i are looking to go on a round the world trip for about 2-3months. We have got about £1200pp for a RTW ticket we were thinking uk-bangkok-austrailia-new zealand/figi/Hawaii-USA that kind of thing. We also have no idea what to do about accommodation, how much to allocate for food, spending money, attractions,how long to stay in each place etc. So we really would appreciate some feedback on other people's experiences and some advice really.

Aimi and Tom :-)

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Well first it depends on how long you stay in each location, what accomodations (hotel vs. hostel), activities, will you cook, and how are you traveling across the US? Flying LA to New York then home? Are yo into Cities? Things like this will help shape your trip a bit more. Go to the book store and start flipping through guide books and begin to shape your trip. Then write aa new forum and ask specific questions.. For instance, Bangkok worth it for a day or two but no more. Then you have to figure out if you want to go to Cheng Mai to the jungle or South to the beaches, or both.. In OZ where are you going? Just the east coast, the west coast, where? This makes a time difference because it is too big. NZ you could spend 2 weeks north island and 4 weeks south island, that would give some good time. Also what is your travel style? Do you want to go to a beautiful beach and lay there for a week or would you rather go to a destination and see all that it offers, then take off with little down time? Think about it and write back and we can help. Also what is your budget? You said 1200pp for a flight?

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Yes, narrow it down a little.

Although my first thought here was: only 3 months for that itinerary?! People need more to do Australia alone - but again that depends on what you are planning to do - only Sydney for 4 days and move on to next country or...?
The way I see it, it looks like you have a week per country? And then what do you want to do once there, just lie on the beach or really see things? If so you need to remember to calculate travel time to get to these places as well, and then one week is def. not enough (for example: I did Brisbane - Sydney in 2 weeks, allowing stops for 1-2 days every here and there and not even that was enough to truly see and explore things).

Do you want to stay at hostels, make your own food, or live large and shop til you drop?

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I agree that you don't have much time for all of those places and I have visited all of them excpet Hawaii.

How long you stay in each place is impossible to answer really - perhaps you could buy a Rough Guide First Time Around the World book.

When I did my first round the world trip I just looked at maps, guide books and planned it myself. Then when I hit the road it just 'happened' - I now make a few plans, have a rough idea in my head what i want to see and do, how much money I might need etc. But basically I would just suggest that you think about why you are doing that trip and what you want to see and do.

If you wanted to spend most of the trip in Aus and Nz then you could. If you want to just zip through each place very quickly then do that.

I spent almost 3 months in Thailand and still want to go back, several months in Australia and NZ, and then just a few days in Fiji, Cook Islands and USA at the end of my trip.

I don't mean to sound rude or unhelpful but it is your trip. You will need to suss out what to take for spending money, how long to stay in each place. You might loathe Thailand and want to leave after 3 hours. Who knows?

I would take £1000 for each month to be on the safe side.


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We realise that we have not allocated a lot of time to do this but work has restricted the amount of time we are able to go. 3 months is the absolute maximum. We generally just want to get a feel for each country that we visit and get to see a bit more of the world. We plan on doing this a few times so we are not concerned about seeing absolutely everything on this one trip.
For accomodation we are not looking for anything too luxurious but we dont really want hostels. We don't want to cook so just looking for room only accommodation.
We are only looking to go to Bangkok for a few nights - like a city break then spend about a month in Australia about 2 weeks in New Zealand (not sure what part though) A week in fiji. Maybe a week in Hawaii and then to LA to see LA, Vegas, and San Francisco- about three weeks to do this. Then maybe New York for a few nights - then home. :)

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Hey, well I went RTW and lived in Brazil but the RTW trip was a few years back and economy and prices have changed dramatically now.

I went to Australia albeit for a few weeks only but it was enough to see a lot of the country. In Sydney I found this fab little mall with Asian food where none or very few tourists seem to be. It tasted wonderful and was really cheap.... also half the fun was trying to figure out what was what as it was all Korean and Japanese writing LOL!! There were plenty of pics though to help me pick something that wasn't too adventurous :-)

I reckon if you choose carefully in OZ you could get some wonderful deals on eating out. Never be persuaded to go to an empty cafe though like I have been in the past... it is empty for a reason i.e. not good. Try to go where the locals go and you can get some good deals on food.

I reckon if you don't want hostels then book online through travellerspoint - they have loads of info on budget hotels (around £30 a night) in OZ and other parts of the world.

Go to guide books and get a rough idea of accommodation / food / leisure activity prices etc. and budget each day. Lonely planet tend to be good for this although if the book is outdated expect prices to have differed etc. I worked out my budget for each month based on guide books but then added 20% to be sure. Turns out in the end I was glad I did as I didn't really expect to be robbed whilst travelling in South America but it turns out an extra amount for the new passport fees and taxi to British Embassy came in rather handy!! Don't let that put you off though... overall my journey was fabulous and although mainly Latin America, where you aren't going it made me travel again to Costa Rica for a month and later move to Brazil for just under a year to teach English as I loved the culture so much!! :-)

Hope this helps.

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On your original post you make mention of £1200pp. Not too sure about cheap RTW tickets when purchased from the UK, but I know when purchased from Australia you would not have much if any change even on the cheapest RTW tickets (which would not have Hawaii as an option on them).

If you do not plan on staying in hostels then I would expect to be paying quite a lot a night even for more basic accommodation.

In Fiji you should splurge a bit and stay at somewhere like the Shangrila Fijian Resort and Spa if you want the coral coast region or maybe something like the Raddison or Westin Denarau Island Resort and Spa for the last night before you leave the country. Both those hotels are in the top end category, but are worth that extra money for a bit of luxury and if you are lucky with the days you are at the hotel you could view the fire shows which happen on certain days of the week. Whatever you do don't stay at those cheap places within a few minutes of Nadi airport as they are very trashy despite some of them having brand names that you normally associate with decent hotels.

Budgets for your trip are almost impossible for anyone to figure out except yourself because nobody knows your habits, how good you are with money etc like you do. Going by the destinations of choice I was going through on average about $50US a day and I was staying in the cheapest hostels in the largest rooms to save any dollar possible, not eating much more than supermarket food my whole trip, never drinking alcohol but above all spending that saved money on seeing most things of tourist interest assuming they didn't cost a lot to see or do. Most people who are not as tight with money as I am would be going through at least 20US a day more than that to have a few more luxuries. You could get by cheaper than that in Bangkok but most the other places if you want to experience things like a tourist you will be paying about the prices I said.

I found Hawaii to be quite a bit more expensive than the mainland part of the US. Hostels there were amongst the worst value for money not to mention very expensive. Hotels are a hell of a lot more if you want something in a reasonable sort of location.

Spending money well if you are the type of person who goes and buys a pair of shoes (or some other product) even though you have 20 pairs at home that look similar and have barely been used, well $10,000 spending money might suit. If you are the type of person who only buys items when they are required to replace damaged ones or items you suddenly have a need for for some reason, then $1000 could do. I personally would not have spent more than $500 in 7 months for things that you'd consider spending money to cover i.e souvenirs, postcards etc rather than spending for living expenses or replacing stuff that I've worn to tearing point.

Really you should go to your local library and loan some of the recent lonely planet guides or other travel guides that are recent (so the prices are at least close to correct). This will help loads and at least then you know that what is being said is suitable for a couple like you and your bf rather than someone completely different.

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