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Another RTW traveller!

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1. Posted by nickyboyw (Budding Member 5 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hi folks!

Stumbled across this site and had a read of quite a few of the posts, it offers some good advice from people who are obviously in the know, great idea. I am always open to advice from those more experienced, please feel free to tell me where I am going wrong!

My plan is to go from UK to New York and travel overland through the USA and Canada, flying out of LA or San Fran (basically West Coast somewhere!) to NZ and do North to South there. Fly to Oz and Melbourne, do overland to Cairns and then fly to SE Asia, maybe via Darwin if possible as I hear that is real outback Oz! Then in SE Asia, start in either SIngapore or Bali and go overland North, visiting Cambodia and Vietnam amongst other places, think someone mentioned a loop that's good to do. I am hoping to carry on up North to India and Nepal, see some sights there, all overland, has anyone done this before? Not sure how long it would take...or how easy it is for that matter!

That is where normally the round the world ticket would end with a flight back to the UK but I am looking to go to Africa and see some of that continent! I think the best and cheapest way to do it is get the flight back to the UK and then a return flight to Africa as most of the RTW tickets double in price when you add Africa on to it! If anyone knows of anything different, please let me know! I'm hoping to do some charity work there somewhere and also climb Kili. This will all hopefully come to a close as I near South Africa around about May/June 2010...when the World Cup shall be on! What a coincidence!

I have looked at STA, Trailfinders and Travel Nation, with them coming back with pretty similar prices for the RTW ticket, not incl Africa, which is around £1500. Having dealt with STA before I know they're very helpful but Trailfinders also spent ages on the phone with me giving advice and happy to answer questions.

So, if anyone wants to give me any pointers or even wants to copy my itinerary, go for it! I am more than likely going on my own as it is a bit of a lengthy trip. Hopefully I'll meet some cool people on my way round. I did South America with Dragoman last year and that was great but that was my first travelling experience so needed someone to hold my hand! Now I'm ready to hit it alone!


PS I'm a 25 year old male, if that should make any difference what-so-ever!

2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Quoting nickyboyw

fly to SE Asia, maybe via Darwin if possible as I hear that is real outback Oz!

I don't know who told you Darwin was real outback OZ, but they clearly have not been there in the past 20 years. You want to see real outback OZ fly out of Broome and then go for a trip in the Pilbara/Kimberley region and you'll see real outback oz. Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory part of Australia and one of the only places that is backpacker budget friendly in the Northern Territory. It is fairly close to outback Australia but Darwin itself is not what any person who has seen a lot of Australia would call outback OZ.

I think you will have to change your itinerary a bit unless Myanmar change the regulations before you do that SE Asia - India section. You would either need to go through Myanmar (formerly Burma) which at last reports requires a flight in to the country and flight out of the country to get a tourist visa, or go through China and through Tibet which is very difficult at the best of times and impossible at the worst of times.

You could get a One World RTW continent based fare. flying London - NY overland - Los Angeles - Sydney - Mumbai - Bangkok - overland to Hong Kong - Johannesburg - Livingstone/Zambia overland to Nairobi - London

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3. Posted by nickyboyw (Budding Member 5 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!


Thanks for your reply, very helpful. It was actually an Australian that said I should go to Darwin, obviously they have never been themselves! I think Melbourne - Cairns would be ample for seeing some of the touristy things, that's what most people do anyway isn't it. I am planning on working there for a while, see what I can get job-wise. An Oz working visa is £90 for 12 months I think.

I was a bit worried about the overlanding to India, wasn't sure how do-able it actaully was. Maybe it would be a decent idea to fly in to India instead, I will have to look into that, although trekking through Tibet could be interesting!

The itinerary you mentioned there, I would be flying back on myself wouldn't I? Also including Africa, hikes up the mileage too much I think, again, something I need to look in to how I go about that.

Thanks for your reply though, much appreciated. :)

4. Posted by Simmoyia (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

sounds like a great trip planned ahead.............i would like to suggest a visit to the caribbean islands though especially Jamaica- a beautiful island in the sun for a great relaxation and to fun while getting a taste of the islands, seeing many historical sites, breath taking botanical gardens, wonderful accomodation options and with splendid beaches of white and black sands that glistens under the sun...................take the time to and if interested since u gonna be in close proximity and let me know............

5. Posted by nickyboyw (Budding Member 5 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Simmoyia, I would love to go to the Caribbean and explore there, especially at the minute seeing as England are over there playing cricket against the Windies! I did stop briefly in the Caribbean somewhere last year on a flight returning from South America but it was unfortunately only for an hour, so not much chance to sight see! I have always imagined chilling out in a hammock by a beach bar in Jamaica...sounds idyllic!

I hope to spend about 2-3 months in USA & Canada, travelling around and hopefully staying with families as I have contacts in The Rotary Club. Hope to pick up some casual work there too, just stuff like painting barns or farm work, whatever really! If I do get the chance, I may nip over to the Caribbean though, would love to see some of the seriously easy going lifestyle I have heard loads about!

Does anyone know about weather patterns the way I'm travelling? I think I will get decent weather if I set off April to USA for 2-3 months, NZ for a month or so, Oz until Dec/Jan, SE Asia for 2 months, India/Nepal for a month and then Africa for summer 2010 (June/July).

I'm still not 100% that I am going yet but I have just rented my flat out for 12 months, I have no car at the minute, I work as an estate agent and we all know how bad the housing market is currently, so I'm bored to tears sat in the office! I'm pretty much convincing myself I should go as I have no ties here and I may always not regret going when I had a perfect chance!

6. Posted by nickyboyw (Budding Member 5 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Also, does anyone know how easy/difficult it is to travel in Africa on your own, i.e. without a tour? I am thinking of going from Tanzania to South Africa but not sure how easy this is, what with the dangers and also availability of public transport. Any help is appreciated!