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1. Posted by rogerb (Full Member 50 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I have just returned from Greece. For 3 days (1st, 2nd & 3rd Oct. 2004) I stayed at Anny Hotel - Messaria in Santorini.

I booked this hotel in good faith, on their web site.

I think everyone needs to know the following as this hotel is totally misrepresented!

a) It is NOT "a luxurious hotel". - Room (No. 33) was dusty and the balcony furniture is unclean and dirty! The ashtray and toilet bin was emptied only once in 3 days! (Bed sheet folded only once also) - Balcony light is rusty and not working & wall light over bed broken and inoperative!

b) The hotel is NOT "about 3 km from Kamari beach" - It is 6 km from Kamari beach!

c) All ensuite rooms DO NOT "have music" (broken) or "a balcony with stunning views of the deep blue Aegean sea" - My balcony had a 'stunning' view of a busy main road, hotel carpark and a public carpark & a supermarket! (Photo available on request)

d) There is NO 24 hour reception! - (Photo of notice at reception on request). I think I was their only client, it was like staying on the 'Mary Celeste'.

e) Hotel restaurant and bar was CLOSED!

f) The poolside bar did not resemble the photograph on the booking form, even if it hadn't been boarded up! (Photo available on request)

N.B. - The explanation given for f) & g) above, was that they are closed "out of season" - Out of what season I ask myself, 2002 or 2003 ?

g) The hotel pool and sun terrace was DISGRACEFUL - a fish wouldn't have survived in the pool! (Photo available on request)

h) "Free transfer from the port" only applies FROM the port! It cost me 10 euro to return to the port in a taxi.

i) "Credit Cards are Accepted" but you are charged an extra 5% on all transactions!

I'm usually very complementry of most accomodation but this place does not exist as described.... I hope this information will help future Santorini visitors from falling into the same trap!

Santorini is otherwise spectacular!!!! :)

Happy travelling, Roger Bowen

I also stayed at Hotel Anixis in Naxos - Very friendly, AN EXCELLENT HOTEL and all it said it was - good value for money too!

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2. Posted by Tiger (Budding Member 13 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi Rogerb

Sorry to hear about your experience.

Did you come across any hotels that you would recommend in Santorini, we are visiting there early next year.



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Hi Roger,

I'll pop you a message in a minute too but just wanted to respond and say I am sorry to hear about the negative experience you had. As we use a third party booking agency for bookings, I have forwarded the details to them and asked them to look into this. Contractually the hotels are bound to provide the services and availability they list in their profile.



4. Posted by rogerb (Full Member 50 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi Tiger....

Thanks for your commiserations. As I was traveling on my own it was not the end of the world....! I only stayed there for 3 nights. (It worked out at about 22 euro per night). I only booked this hotel because it was centrally located on the island and a good base for exploring north, south, east & west on 2 wheels! ;) Had a family booked in expecting the delightful greek quizene and a holiday lounging at the bar beside the pool, it would have been a diferent story! I don't like paying for things I don't get, whatever the cost!

However it was a great trip, all things considdered.... Hyraclion (Crete) - Santorini - Naxos - Athens and back to Manchester UK.

Now here's some ideas for planning your stay in Santorini.... Most hotels offer value for money it's just a matter of location. However, given the time of year you're planning your visit, I'd confirm by email with the hotel that all facilities are available before booking. Some hotels are closed in the low season ( Oct. to April/May).

The popular areas to stay are Thira and the area between Imerovigli & Mesa Katikies (Very up-market, panoramic views overlooking the volcano). Oia is similar but muck smaller at the north western tip. The main beach resorts are on the eastern side, between Ag. Paraskevi and Kamari (Grey volcanic sand). Further south they get quireter, between Perissa and Eksomitis (Some sand but more stony). North of Monolithos the coast has wild and rocky beaches. The south western perninsula is as yet, quite undeveloped but Acrotiri is worth a visit. There is also a cove at Kokini Paralia (Red Beach, named after the red rocky outcrop.

To get a 1st class overview of the island go to -

For reasonably priced and budget hotels go to this page

For up-market hotels go to -

I hope this info is helpful. Ask more questions if you wish.

Have a great trip!

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5. Posted by rogerb (Full Member 50 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!