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Hi everyone me and my girlfried are going to Thailand in November and we have both have lots of different views on what to do about malaria tablets. We are going to be staying in bangkok at first then going south down to Ko samui and phuket and other places down south. We heard that the main malaria infected places are in the North on the borders of the other countries. Is this true and what do you recommend to do? The tablets we would be taking are malarone and are quite expensive which is gonna cost about £100. Is it worth it as we heard that there are some side effects to taking tablets?
Also any good recommendations on where to go and what to do whilst over there. Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks Karl:)

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Hey Karl!

I went a couple of years ago to Zinbawe and Botsuana in summer time And, because of the side effects and also because I would stay there only for a week, I didn't take those tablets (I went to Thailand after there). I didn't use it in Bangkok though....

What I did was only use repelents (there's a new french one, used by the French army, called "exposis") There's one cream - for the skin and one spray, to spray over your clothes...it's a little annoying sometimes having to spray it everyday, but....at least I didn't have any problems with malaria. I'm also going to India at the end of the year and I'm doing the same process....

Well, that's my advice...



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hi karl
we go to thailand every year and we never had to take any malaria tabs dont need them for bkk or phuket not so sure about chaing mai though your doctor should be able to tell you orgo to any travel clinic lots to see and do in thailand temples trecking shopping for your g/f also diving and snorkeling in phuket hire a boat to take you to 1 of the many islands just off phuket you wont go short on things to do and see have a great holiday

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I think Malaria tablets are not necessary unless go into the rainforest or so. repellent is enough to protect you from annoying mosquito.

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Hey Karl

I'm going to pretty mcuh the same places as you in Thailand as well as Malyasia and Singapore. My doctor told me to ask the pharmacist so I spoke to one in Boots the Chemist the other day. They have a book detailing all the areas that you need to take malaria tables for and I don't need any for where I'm going. It really is only neccessary if you're spending a lot of time in the jungle. Just take some normal mosquito repellent with you. Have fun.

Trish ;)

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Me and my girlfriend went to Thailand earlier this year. Flew to Bangkok and then to Samui, Phangan. We were advised not to take malaria tablets, just lots of mossie repellent! Unless you go north to the jungle (as everyone has said) you should be alright.

We were also told the main areas for malaria were by the borders with Myanmar and I think Cambodia.

Best thing whilst you are there is to buy the reppelent coils that you burn. They're what the locals use and are really cheap. The local made tiger balm is also good for relieving any itchy bites.


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hey ive just come back from the travel nurse for all my shots and pills and she gave me some info from the cdc (centers for disease control) and they say that the only time you need to worry about malaria in thailand is if you are around the border with loas and myrmmar. the nurse also gave me a choice of pills and i turned down the ones you are taking because they are $4 each while the ones i opted for are 30 cents each........maybe you can try changing medication. anyway thats all my info.........good luck

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What were the name of the tablets that were 30 cents each?