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hi my names bryan and im a first time traveller. im really looking forward to beginning my travels in the spring in 2005 but am finding the planning a little daunting! can anyone help me to work out how to find the cheapest air fares and places to stay, etc? i want to travel from london into asia (india, nepal, thailand, malaysia, etc) before going to australia to find work. any advice would be appreciated if anyone has anything to say on where to go, how to travel, how to find accomodation or just other traveller's experiences! thanx!

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Hi Bryan,

I'm also a first time traveller, by myself. You're right, the planning is quite daunting. These forums have helped me a lot - thanks TP!

One book I would recommend: Rough Guide First time around the World (they also do an Asia one). This has loads of practical stuff and advice for planning. If you know anyone who has been travelling, ask them tons of questions.

When I had an idea which countries in which order and for roughly how long I went to STA Travel. I would definitly recommend them. The staff are very knowledgeable and are really helpful. They can tailor a ticket to what you need, and it is quite flexible and you have lots of opportunity to change flights etc. I think I got a good deal with them too.

For me, the next step will be looking in books, talking to people and also these forums, to work out places in these countries I feel I absolutly can't miss, and put together a very rough itinery. This may well change if, like me, you're hoping to meet up with other people en-route. The guide books give you a good idea of how to travel around from place to place.

As you start planning you're bound to think of loads more questions, like about accomodation, I know I have.

I'm going to look at some backpacks this weekend if this stinking cold has shifted!

Good Luck and enjoy your planning!

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Hello, I'm off first-time travelling in February. Constant reading is definitely the best thing to build your confidence about the trip, i would recommend , it is a fantastic guide which offers advice on just about everything you may need to know.

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I could help you on the section of Thailand. If you need to know any information on Thailand , you may ask me. Khao san road is what back packer usually goes.

Train to sourth to enjoy beach and get through to Malaysia and Singapore. Then overland/fly to Bali. Bali to Australia.

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Bryan, do look at the costs of a round the world ticket and the stop off options, providing you do the trip withing the twelve month time scale it could cost little more and give you a lot of flexiblilty.
When you have made your plan, check it out with some of the travel advisers for each place, they all love to help, that is the great thing about Travellers Point.
Rajasthan in north India is a great place to visit, Nepal and the Ghorka people are literally "on top of the world" don't miss that opportunity just look at the photographs in the gallery by Bijay Devkota who is one of the travel advisers for there. Chaing Mai in northern Thailand with hill walks, sleep overs in native villages, elephant treks and river rafting are part of the activities you can do.
You can learn Thai Massage at the Institute there for an astonishing low price of about £80 each week for the two week course and then use it every day to keep you supple and mobile.
Australia you will know all about. On the way home on an RTW ticket you can do New Zealand, north and south Islands have fantactic attractions that I can detail for you if you decide not to miss that., then you could do Fiji for a real taste of the Pacific islands instead of Hawaii, it is too American for my taste.
LA and Floorida or New York and the flight has taken you round the world.
Travelling alone makes you talk to people and get to know them and their culture, and you will find they seem to respond very well to a lone traveller, with the usual words of caution, about having duplicates of all you documents available if need and so on.
If I can help some more please get back to me.
Enjoy the trip and experience of a lifetime.