Oz 4 3 months asap after 5th nov-travel mate wanted!

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1. Posted by ecarter51 (Budding Member 8 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone...
Have responded to a number of posts but thought id better get round to posting my own.

Im 22yr old female from Somerset, just graduated from Bournemouth uni and am now living back at home planning a trip to oz for a few months.

I was originally doing a rtw leaving jan 05, but the mate i was going with has let me down. Still really wanna go, just dont fancy doing it alone.

Oz was the main place i wanted to see, for 2-3 months. Am happy just doing that, or a rtw (interested in LA, Fiji, NZ) but cant really do more than 4 months for whole trip due to budget...
Am happy to leave whenever, just need enough time to sort flights, visas etc, so anytime from mid nov, but can wait until jan - am flexible.

Would love to be able to meet a travel buddy(ies) to do the trip with - wld be good to meet up in UK and go and buy tickets etc together, make sure we get on etc as even the thought of flying to oz on a plane on my own scares me a bit (probably get on the wrong one!)

Pls let me know if you are interested, im looking to do the East Coast of Oz from Sydney to Cairns or vice versa but am open to changing this plan. Will be planning to stay in hostels i think.
My email address is: ecarter51@yahoo.co.uk, feel free to email me, PM me or reply to this post.

Hope to hear from you all soon,
Emma xx

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Hi Emma,

Don't be afraid about travelling alone. My friend also pulled out of our RTW and I did have doubts about going myself but I'd put so much planning into it already and thought, what the hell. I was a bit nervous but have made some great friends on here and other forums and have arranged to meet loads of people along the way. I'm even meeting a girl who lives in new york when I get there and she's going to show me the sights and take me to some cool bars! My route is similar to what you mentioned - NY, LA, Fiji, NZ, Oz, Singapore and Thailand. I am also on a tight budget but you don't need to spend lots of money to have fun. Check out www.helpx.com - gives details of places you can stay for free, some includes meals as well, in return for a couple of hours work a day - you don't need a work visa and some of the places are truly beautiful. Have fun on your trip and don't worry - you'll make so many friends and probaly won't spend that much time alone!


3. Posted by ecarter51 (Budding Member 8 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi there Trish,
Thanks for your reply - its good to here reassurance like that!
Would def prefer to go with a travel buddy (so come on peeps get in touch) but you have made me seriously consider still going if its alone.
That website sounds useful -ill take a look, cheers.
So when are you off on your travels? A similar time to me? Fancy meeting up along the way at all?
Emma x

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Hi Emma,

My names Claire and im 22 and was also planning to go on 5th Jan but my friend has since changed her mind. Im still gonna go, despit my doubts, but am planning to visit Asia bfiefly before i head to Oz. Am sorting out a work visa for Oz at the moment, just to make sure i can always fend for myself if needs be. Ive been assured bt friends that ill have no trouble meeting people and am not really too bothered about going alone but would be happy to meet up some time. Dont worry, therell always be people around happy to help. Hope you feel a bit better now.


5. Posted by ecarter51 (Budding Member 8 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone!
Just thought i would update you all...
Ive booked flights to oz, leave heathrow 19th arriving in sydney on 20th nov! woo hoo! Flying with Charlotte (lottie) so am glad dont have to do it alone.
We're booked in to the wake up hostel in sydney for 7 nights when we arrive and then im planning on doing the east coast as far as cairns but do want to be in sydney for xmas and new yr...
anyone up for meeting us in sydney or anywhere else please let me know as want to meet as many peeps as possible!
I fly back home on 15th feb from sydney...
My email ad is ecarter51@yahoo.co.uk.
emma x