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1. Posted by summertime (Budding Member 6 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys,
just wanted to say thanks for all your support, I've finally booked my ticket for 23Jan, I'm flying into Fiji for 2 weeks into Nan airport, just wanted to know has anyone done the Fijii experience, has anyone any feedback on it?? is it worth it? I'll be travelling alone & would like any advice at all on the best way to see the island or some good hostels?
Finally if anyone is planning on being there around that time just let me know & we could meet up somewhere along the way, I'll be flying into Sydney also on the 07 Feb so wish me luck!!

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Hi Sinead

I was in fiji around this time two years ago..i just spent four days there..i was with my boyfriend of the time and another couple. We stayed at a place called travellers beach resort which i wouldnt was very low budget!! we booked in to a hotel after the first night..we had just started travelling though so it was a bit of a culture depends what your used to and what makes you feel comfortable i suppose. Nadi town is run down and theres not much to do..the best thing to do is get up every morning and head out to the islands and spend the day there..they are amazing..its like being in paradise. I didnt do the fiji experience but i did the oz experience. i found it a good way to meet people and i think it would be a safe bet for fiji. Im planning on heading to new zealand myself in the new year..just back from new york..cant settle here at all..
anyway fiji is amazing youll love it!!


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Hi Sinead,
Fiji is great, but don't expect to do much more than chill out or maybe play beach volleyball. It's the most relaxed place I've ever been and the people are very friendly and happy.
Nadi is where you will probably land, on the largest island of Viti Levu.
It's on the west coast, and there probably isn't much to do, although all the cruise ships tend to leave from here out to the islands (such as Castaway Island, where Tom Hanks made the film).
The best thing to do is get a bus or taxi along the coral (south) coast, towards Suva.
Suva is the capital, but I didn't get that far. Within half an hour of Nadi by road, you come to the best beaches on the island. You might have to go a little further to find somewhere to stay, unless you have a big budget - there are lots of expensive resorts, like the Sheraton etc.
About an hour from Nadi, you come to the small town of Sigatoka. This is a good place to see local life (as opposed to old, tribal life in one of the villages inland) and you could possibly find accomodation.
Alternatively, about another 5 minutes drive east brings you to a strip of beachside hotels and hostels of every variety. I stayed in the Crows Nest (, which is mid-priced, but there are much cheaper and much dearer options.
Be careful about the quality of the food in the area. I heard that many of the places made people ill. We liked the food at the Crows Nest and the Australian family next to us had been there for 3 weeks and were eating the salads and stuff that you would normally avoid in 'dodgy' places, so we did the same and had no problem. You can only go on your instincts on that one - if in doubt, don't.

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Thanks a mill for that guys will take it on board,
Wish me luck!!!!
Cheers Sinead

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G'day Sinead,

Hope its not too late for a tip for your travel planning - i was going to suggest a fijian village homestay - you stay in beautiful traditional villages as one of the locals - it is very cheap and very easygoing and there is HEAPS more to do than play beach volleyball etc...! fiji is amazing but i would suggest checking out other options other than normal tourism which is very you're stuck with other tourists in either expensive resorts or packed dorms...
The website for village homestays is - There's plenty of info on the site also if you end up staying in a resort or backpackers dorm or something - stuff on weather, what to take, kava ceremonies etc etc.

Have a great time...


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I never did the Fiji Experience but I met a few backpackers in Nadi who did and they all seemed to enjoy it. I would say it is an excellent way to meet people but it's probably a bit overpriced. I think the basic Fiji Experience pass which does a loop of Viti Levu (the main island) costs about $F320.

There's also an alternative bus called the Uro Pass which does the same loop and only costs about $F60. However, the Fiji Experience includes a few activities along the way (such as tubing down rivers, etc) so the price differential isn't as big as it initially seems. Also, I think the Fiji Experience is more well known and therefore more people use it so it's probably better for meeting other backpackers.

I also met someone while I was in NZ who hired a car with three other people and she said that worked out much cheaper than the Fiji pass.

I reckon a good option would be to wait until you get there and then see what most people are doing at the first hostel you stay at.

If you are flying into Nadi then I would recommend staying at Nadi Bay Hotel which had a really nice pool. Also, a lot of backpackers return there after doing a loop of Viti Levu, so you'll also be able to sound them out on what transport option they went for and what they'd recommend.