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I'm off to South America 61/2 weeks (not that i'm coutning at all!!!) and am therefore gonna be there for the most of their summer.

I love snowboarding, and although i shouldnt complain, i am kinda jealous of my mates goign off to France for snowboarding holiday in feb. Anyway, i think a good alternative - and an amazing way to make them jealous! -would be to go sandboarding instead.

has anyone ever done it? is it just like snowboarding? has anyone got any recommendations of where to do it etc...


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you can do this in brasil in the north-east region. for example around Recife..
i dont have more infos in detail . just have seen that its possible

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Man have fun !!!

Places to go Sandboarding:

Santa Catarina
Ariméia(at Armação do Santinho) - Florianopolis
Cidreira Beach - sud Brazil
Dama Branca Park - Cabo Frio - Rio de Janeiro - ( 5km square area close to Forte São Matheus beach with small and medium dunes the highest one is about 100 feet. The city has a nice tourism structure and visitors are very welcome.)
Dunas da Joaquina - Florianopolis
Guardo do Embau - Pinheira - Located between Florianopolis (Joaquina´s beach) & Garopaba, beautifull beach location, one major slope for sandboarding, a tiny beach on the left side of the Guarda river. Good surf, landscape and people.
Itapeva - Torres
Praia Grande em São - Francisco do Sul

Sabiaguaba - Fortaleza - Many big dunes and ramps.

Hawaii Dune-Alamedas Beach - Itapua - Salvador
Imbui Dune - Imbui - Salvador
Ipitanga Beach - Ipitanga - Salvador
Jauá - Salvador
Devil - Jaua
Bowl - Guarajuba
Costa Azul - Salvador
Petromar - Stella Maris - Salvador
Mangue Seco

Coca Colas´ Lake -Belem
Curitiba - PR - Sao Jose dos Pinhais

Rio Grand do Norte
Cotovelo Beach Natal
Dunas de Genipabu Recife or Fortaleza Natal
Morro do Careca Natal

Rio Grand do Sud
Imbé Beach
Rondinha - Torres

and if it's not enough go to chile :

I'm a snowboarder me too so i can understand your SAUDADE!

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I am going round the world following the summer which is wicked but i am going to miss the snow. Just wondering if there is any such thing as sand skiing. I can board so can have a go at that, but am a lot better at skiing. Just wondering if anyone does this?