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Bavaria, Germany or Dubrovnik, Croatia?

Travel Forums Europe Bavaria, Germany or Dubrovnik, Croatia?

1. Posted by ma_galazin (Budding Member 41 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

We're still trying to work out our 10 night Honeymoon in late October and we are seriously considering these two destinations. We were pretty much set on a Bavaria vacation, but my fiance really loves beaches and has been looking strongly into Croatia. We've never been to Europe, but we have traveled to numerous islands throughout the Caribbean every year for the past 8 years. We are 100% set on doing Europe for our honeymoon, but we're having problems deciding where. We are looking for a nice, relaxing vacation, either touring Bavaria and seeing all of the natural beauty and historic sights or spending our time lounging in Dubrovnik and probably visiting some of the surrounding islands. As far as Dubrovnik goes, can anyone comment on how the weather and crowds will be in mid to late October? Also, for anyone who has visited either or both of these places, please give your vote as to which we should choose.... I've been posting on the forums for a couple of weeks now and while we have narrowed our choices, we are still stuck with which to choose!

2. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

In late October it will be too cold for a beach holiday in Europe, the exception maybe being Southern Spain, Turkey around Antalya and Sicily. And if you are used to the beaches in the Caribbean you'll be sorely dissappointed.

You should take a look at the latitude, Croatia is on a similar latitude as Boston. Bavaria is even more north, the only reason October might be nice in Bavaria is the European equivalent of Indian Summer which happens for 2 weeks sometime between late September and late October (the exact date is unpredictable). It is this time that is the best for seeing the area around Rothenburg and the lower parts of the Alps. But if you miss the "Old Women Summer" as it is called in Germany and get typical November weather better be prepared for rain, fog and strong winds.

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3. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hi again,
well my vote goes to Dubrovnik, actually it goes to Croatia. Dubrovnik is a must-see destination and a really beautiful place which I've visited many times. I've been twice in October and both times the weather has been fantastic (20-26˚C) but I can't guarantee that this is the norm.
As beautiful as Dubrovnik is you can expect to see all of it in a couple of days so therefore you should be prepared to travel to the islands and inland on excursions to see more of the place. I would travel to the island of Mljet which is a national park of immense beauty and is only about 90mins from Dubrovnik by ferry.
As for the crowds, October is pretty much the end of the tourist season with very few visitors. But, on the downside a lot of places start to close up for the winter or at least start their repairs and maintenance. But I wouldn't let that put me off.
The thing about beaches in Croatia is that the idea of long sandy beaches are very few and far between for a coutry with over 1000km of coastline. The beaches tend to be either shingle or more usually man-made concrete bathing platforms. Having said that, they are rarely busy and the views are to die for.
As a honeymoon destination I think it is beyond belief but also the city itself is quite small and limited in its attractions necesitating the need to travel more. There is a lot to see and do if you're prepared to travel, Mostar and Sarajevo in BeHa (Bosnia-Hertzegovina), the islands of Lastovo and Corcula and a lazy drive anywhere up the coast. Even Montenegro is only 35km down the road and worth a visit (despite what the locals may say).
I can't recommend Croatia enough, but if it's nightlife and wild parties with loud and raucous bars you're after I'd look elsewhere. As the Irish writer George Bernard Shaw said "Those who seek heaven on Earth must come to Dubrovnik".