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I am planning to arrive and leave from Amman, Jordan. I hope to go to Cairo, Egypt and some of the best sites in Israel as well. How much time will I need? I wanted to do it in 3 weeks. Is that enough to see the major sites and cross borders etc.? Has someone who has done this advise me? Thank you!

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3 weeks is just enough time for Jordan and Egypt. I think you'll have to give up Israel, especially considering the current security situation. 1 week for Jordan, 2 weeks for Egypt. Note that when you travel overland from Amman to Cairo you need to apply for a visa to Egypt. You cannot enter via the Sinai and continue on to Cairo without a visa, the entry permit you get at the Egyptian border to Israel is only valid for the Sinai.

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I just did the trip you are talking about. I had a bit more time. About 6 weeks.. You can do it, it just depends on what your goals are. If you just do Amman you can be there really for a day. If you want to do the Desert castles that is whole day. It is a small country and easy to get around. You could do Amman 2 days. Then an option would be to cross into Israel and go to Jerasalem for a few days then back into Jordan and then down to Masada and the dead sea, mount nebo, and that you can do in 3 days, then head down to Petra for 2 days. Then you can see a good portion of both countries.

You need your egypt Visa to go to Cairo but you can cross into Egypt at Taba, then head down to Dahab for a few days. From there head out to Cario and see the sites.. If you send me a message I will be more than happy to answer anything specific. Places to stay, sites, timetables, anything like that.. If you give me a bit more information it will be easier to figure out an itinerary..

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there is no security situation in Israel. Israel is extremely safe and I'd say to devote the majority of your time to see sites in Israel. depending on what month you go and the weather but i'd say go to tel aviv, jerusalem, caesaria, and jerusalem.