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road trip to canada .. tips please

Travel Forums North America road trip to canada .. tips please

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1. Posted by raja55 (Inactive 10 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

hey, my mate and i are planning to travel to canada and try to find work. We both have working visas. we will be wanting to buy a van but have no clue about the type of cars, cost and what will be reliable... we will have about $2,000 american dollars to spend and were wondering if this is going to be a realistic amount for a reliable van... also if i should buy in the states, and if i do info about crossing the border with us plates... thanks guys

2. Posted by dbl-nkl (Budding Member 26 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Too little info... and I think too little money for a car to cross a 5,000+km country in; I would also mention that there are many very small towns on such a trek and you should buy something that you can find parts for anywhere - Ford, Chevy, and plain regular gas...(currently ±90¢/L) I'm not kidding, should you break down in the wrong "hamlet" you'll understand.
(concatenate the above URL)

The map shows a route via the US - 6,100km, and it's longer and probably a little more difficult to cross the Rockies & the Great Lakes on the Canadian side; I've done the Canadian route a few times, some of the US once & I preferred the Canadian route but my interests are probably different than yours. I would definitely not recommend this trip in the winter; the Rockies can be tricky from September to April & even May - there was some snowfall in June in '08. An Auto Club membership with a $2,000 vehicle is a must!

Buying a US vehicle has been covered on TV a year or 2 ago. Tt takes time to find one, get it done, and it's expensive; the Canadian dollar is about 81¢US - US money goes further in Canada.
Google this to start:
buy US vehicle for canada

Try local craigslist also; I think that's better for a less expensive vehicle; in BC you save 7% sales tax when buying privately.

I've lived in 4 major cities in Canada; on the West coast, there's no winter to speak of, therefore $2,000 cars aren't usually rusted out; my ex had a cheap old car back East that broke at the firewall because of rust; the hood one one of my cars (1975) when I lived in Montréal had to be tied down after 2-3 years because the mechanism had rotted out.

I live near Vancouver British Columbia; I've heard many Aussies work in Whistler - very-very-very expensive, but ski, golf, tourists, night life, 2010 Olympics coming up.

The job situation at this time is pretty grim across the country, as I'm sure it is in Australia also. You could still be able to find some seasonal work picking fruit in BC or working the oil patch in Alberta, various farms in most provinces, tourist/hospitality industry everywhere; but there's more people who'll take any work now than in 2008.

I don't mean to kill your project, but I felt I should warn you a bit. Unfortunately you're a year or two late for this adventure.

Good luck!

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3. Posted by j3nn1f3r14 (Budding Member 60 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

hey im from the uk and currently living and working in canada on a working holiday visa.

i started out in vancouver... i just signed up with a recruitment agency who found me work immediately.

im now living in whistler (90% ozzie people!!! its insane) i arrived in november and found a job no problem but there are a lot of people being paid off just now and having there hours cut, hopefully it'll be a different situation next year when the olympics come!

my friend has bought and amazing 4x4 style kinda car for like $2000CAD and its been really reliable, my other friend bought like a volkswagon travel van for just over $2000, so i think that is a reasonable amount of money to spend. just look on craigslist.... some people have suggested to me that there is a car auction in vancouver.... just wait till you get here and have a look around!

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