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Hi all,
I'm about to head off o/s with my husband who hasn't travelled before (not from lack of trying!). I have done 'big trips' before but I have never worked overseas. I have a couple more days before my new passport arrives and I am trying to figure out where we should apply for a Working Holiday Visa for.. (we're aussies). I have been researching for like 4 months and still haven't decided!

So far we were seriously considering Denmark or Netherlands: there seems to be alot more info out there about working in the Netherlands over Denmark. I would seriously like to hear from Aussies or other people on the similar WHV (12 months, part time work) program that worked in either of these countries or even elsewhere in Europe.

I would also like to hear opinions from locals about the job market for seasonal/ hospitality/ touristy jobs/ or even english speaking jobs- we are actually both professionals but I figured part time work would be easier in hospitality etc. We genuinely want to immerse ourselves in the culture and will start learning the native language as soon as we know we're we're heading (And probably do a course once we get there as well).

UK is always an option too but maybe Scotland or somewhere other than good ol' London?

I would also like to hear if anyone has done the WHV program somewhere warmer... i.e. Spain or Italy? I have heard that Italy is near impossible to find a job.. but again all of this is just rumours on the 'net... and it would be awesome to hear from locals or people who actually did it!!!


p.s. I'm asking because we're both really really indecisive and you may just choose my destination for me!!!