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HI! I'm going (from Canada) to Australia and New Zealand in the next month and was wondering which mobile service is best to use if I want to use the phone in both countries?

I've heard about Optus mobiles, any good??

Also, what's the cheapest way to make international calls?Should I use my mobile for this? or just buy a phone card?

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!



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I did a bunch of research on this, and the best deal I've come by so far is the Vodafone plan called "Talker". It's prepaid, and their rates start at 20 cents a minute. Optus and the other big companies seem to be a huge rip off in my opinion, some of them charge 80 cents a minute! Ack! As for international calls, I'm telling everyone I know here to call me (all incoming calls on this plan are free), and they pay only 7 cents a minute or so, so it's affordable for them too. I'm in BC, and Telus has one long distance plan in which their long distance rates to australia mobiles are the same as to an australian landline (otherwise they charge .25 or so more per minute for calling a cell - watch out for hidden charges like that). If you're in another province Bell or other companies probably have a similar plan. Otherwise, if you have to call home, I'd say go with a phonecard, but I haven't looked into that aspect as much.
Check out Vodafone's plans online, and perhaps let me know if they're any good if you do choose that plan - i'm curious if they're a good company to deal with. Good luck!

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Hi Guys,
Phonecards in NZ are a great deal. At least for us from the UK anyway.
$10NZ lasted about an hour.
Using a mobile to call home is unthinkable for us Brits, except in an emergency - you are talking at least £1 a minute.
Also, I don't want to doubt you, but if you have found an operator that only charges people 7 cents a minute to ring you on a mobile -TELL THE WORLD!
Ringing a mobile from abroad normally costs a lot, as the caller is also "renting" the network in the foreign country and pays correspondingly.

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Hi Sorry for late reply.
Your best bet for NZ is Vodafone. you can buy from Vodafone or retail stores a Prepaid CONNECT pack with a NEW SIM card for a GSM 900 Phone. Suggest plan called MOTORMOUTH probably the best option as it has cheaper calling to International USA CAN AUST UK etc .
The NZ prepaid Vodafone card will also ROAM in Australia, UK and Spain .
If you Buy a SIM in Australia , probably go for Vodafone as well as it wil also ROAM in New Zealand . but rem with the Australia SIM you have to call cutomer service to get the roaming activated .

If you bring a phone with you make sure it operates on 900 GSM and is SIM Unblocked from your home network . we are 230 volt 50hz mains power so make sure you have a dual voltage power pack and adaptor pins/plug or get a 12volt dc car charger if you plan to have private transport.

You can buy a complete Phone and Connection in NZ and AUST
if you dont have a suitable one.

with regard to phone cards in NZ try a KaiOra calling card
will work from most landlines has good deals and also can be used for internet dial up see

for more info please visit
and visit the Pacific Asia Section for Australia and New Zealand


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Yeah, I am also thinking to buy mobile retailers in Australia as I am going there for 1 month.


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I don't have the same dilemma as you, but I know that OzIntro give out Vodafone SIM's to all their customers that want one, so I'm thinking that maybe this is the best deal within Oz? My friend who is out there at the moment has a Vodafone SIM and she has no problems with it or the charges.

I think to call home you are better off buying a phone card. My parents have just been in Canada and they bought a phone card for $10 and managed to call me for at least 10 minutes at a time for 2 weeks, so I think these are the way forward for international calling.

Otherwise there is always Skype is that is an option? I'm not sure what the internet is like out in Oz and I don't whether there will be any internet cafe's with Skype in or in the hostels so its worth checking out I suppose.

I have a quick question though...I'm not sure whether to buy a new mobile phone (just one that makes calls) for when I go to Oz. I have an iphone and I think it is unlocked to any network which I will take with me as I use it for games/music etc but I wasn't sure whether it would work out there. Has anyone come across this before?



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