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1. Posted by Lo (Budding Member 4 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Can anyone tell me how long it generally takes for the application for the NZ working holiday visa to be processed and returned?

In order to apply for it I have to send my passport, proof of available funds, photo, and proof of an outward journey from NZ. Is it ok if I send the printed copy of my itinerary from the travel agency? (I only reserved it) or do I HAVE to have proof that I purchased the ticket?? (I'm afraid if I buy the ticket and if the visa doesn't happen to arrive in time then I will lose some money changing dates --- I can't afford to lose ANY money!)

I need to know soon, in order to send my visa application, so if anyone has any advice to offer I'd really appreciate it!


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Hi Lo,

I can't remember exactly as I've had my visa a while now but I think it took less than a month. I didn;t have to send proof of my outward hourney tho - just my passport and a recent photo plus the fee. Hope this helps.


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Heya ...

friend of mine wants to apply for the NZ working holiday scheme but can't seem to find any useful info on it.. maybe you could help?

1. what documents are required?
2. how much money do you need in your account?

he's from malaysia by the way so if any malaysians see this and are in the same boat, would really appreciate the help!


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My boyfriend and I just applied for our NZ working holiday visa from the UK and had everything back within 2 weeks.

To get them was super easy. We asked at the STA Travel branch, pre-paid them and then an application form got emailed to us from Work OZ (but they do NZ visas too). Printed that off, sent it in with our passports and passport photos, then that was that.

We weren't asked for proof of onward journey, although a condition of the visa is that on arrival in NZ you are able to show that you have the ticket booked then, and have $NZ4,200 either on a bank account or credit card statement, or in cash/travellers cheques. (It did say on the application form that we had to send that in now, but after speaking to them apparently its only on entry to NZ - I still sent mine along just in case - up to you I guess).

Anyway, if you don't have an STA nearby the website for Work Oz is where I assume you will be able to get all of this info anyway.

Not sure whether you can use this from Malaysia though, maybe contact STA there? They seem to know most things and have helped us loads in planning our trip. Otherwise try embassy websites or something?

Hope this helps!