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As some photographers in the UK may be aware, there's a new law coming into effect that prohibits taking the photograph of a UK Police officer, if they deem you a terrorist. Here's a news link from the Guardian. There's other stuff looming in the law as well. Such as an officers right to delete your photos, arrest you and confiscate your equipment. This is all under the terror act. Meanwhile the UK government says it's still okay to take photos, then tethering off mumble that's it's up to the officer.

I'm a big believer in freedom of the press. I've given this some serious thought. And while I do think photographing an police officer off duty is a no no. They are a public figures. Certainly undercover should remain under cover. But if I am at a public event or place, and photographing I do not beleive an on the beat officer should have the right to arrest me under suspicion of terrorism, delete my photos (which is illegal under another act) or confiscate my equipment. Think this doesn't happen, then have a search online at journalists being picked up for this.

Throughout my travels I've had run in's with having a camera. If someone does not want me to take a photo, then no problem, I don't. In public places, I've had security guards run out and tell me I cannot take a photo of a Mall. It's private property, and they don't want it. Even if I am on a public road. Again this is something well published about. I think there's even some stuff on you tube about it.

I don't really bother with military buildings, bridges etc as every country gets excited about that. Just go to google maps for that.

In Pakistan I had army and police men smiling and handing me weapons to pose for photos. In China I had the army / police hissing at me the moment they saw my camera. Yet strangely in Beijing pre olympics they were all silent ...

Anyway I'd be interested to hear what people think about photography as they travel. Especially in the UK or if you've had any run ins yourself while trying to take a photo?