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I am going to USA/Canada over Dec/Jan for 4 weeks. I am going to Salt Lake City, Seattle, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Las Vegas and Vancouver(Canada). Now I am from Australia so i have no idea what to wear in American or Canadian winter especially in the snow in Salt Lake City. In Australia i wear skirts and short-sleeve tops year round. Can someone give me direction upon what to wear?

Would you recommend buying clothes in Australia or take the bare essentials then buy the rest when i arrive in USA?

What do you wear on your feet in the snow? I know it sounds stupid but do people wear joggers, or boot things, or i don't know? I have no clue about snow attire.

Thanks for the help

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Hey Rach!

North American winters can be harsh the more north you go. So, you need to dress warmly. I would suggest a few turtlenecks, a few sweaters, some pants or jeans, and a good warm jacket. As for footwear, I certainly get by with my joggers the entire winter but it might be a good idea to get some boots if you'll be doing a lot of walking, cause running shoes can get wet (which is unpleasant to walk in let me tell you ). Polar fleece is a good material to look for in sweaters. What else... Try to get a good ski type jacket, one with many layers. You can usually find those in sports or outdoors apparel stores. They're gonna be your best bet. Oh yeah, and don't forget a scarf, hat, and mittens/gloves. Super important. Hope that helps!


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You might want to wait until you get here to get stuff. There are some cheap places that have fashionable looks, like Old Navy and Target. That way, you don't have to pack so much on your way over, and you can mail back or leave stuff behind that you don't need back home.


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Yup, definitely wait until you get here to buy most of your clothes - I've heard that clothes in australia are much more expensive than they are here. As for Vancouver, we have moderate weather most of the year, and during the winter it usually doesn't go below zero (except at night). It might snow once or twice, but not very often. Oh yeah, and buy an umbrella when you're here. As for snow, don't count on having to trek through snow drifts if you're in the city. Most of the sidewalks will be cleaned or packed down from other people walking on them. I don't own any specific snow-type shoes. Good runners usually suffice, but sometimes they can suck if your snow soaks through and gets your socks wet. If you get some that are water-resistant or don't have a lot of stitching in them (so water doesn't seep though), those would be fine, I think. If you're up on a ski mountain or something of that sort, you'll need better shoes though. Hope that helps!


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Your first thing to consider is that you will experience 2 different types of weather. I suspect your route will be Hawaii to LA to Las Vegas to Salt Lake to Seattle to Vancouver.

Seattle, Salt Lake, Vancouver, and Las Vegas will be cold, but you will experience tempatures at about 20 degrees Farenheit in these cities. You will get wet in Seattle.

Hawaii and Los Angeles will be considerably warmer. Los Angeles nights will be chilly, but the day mild. You will likely be traveling by car in LA so warm gear is not needed.

So let's say I'm correct and your first stop is Hawaii. Bring your essentials (swimwear, shorts, jeans, joggers, and tops) for hawaii.

LA: Jeans are most usuable, but you will be fine with skirts or shorts by day (skirts by night). Shoes are considered a fashion statement so if you have something interesting to go with jeans bring them.

LA will also be an opportunity to prepare for cold weather: If you plan on running around in the snow and you have boots already bring them as boots in USA are expensive especially when needed (i.e. the winter season).

Target and Old Navy is cheap and will have what you need (except comfortable boots) for winter weather. If you have winter gear and someone to receive it in your first cold destination (if you are going to the warm places first) ship it to that person to hold for you until you arrive. Hotels will hold packages shipped to them for arriving guests -- just don't ship too early before you arrive.

Good Luck and have a safe trip -- email if you have more questions.