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Planning a trip to South America

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Planning a trip to South America

1. Posted by twoplustwo (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys,

Firstly, hi!

Secondly, sorry for the probable noob post. ;)

I am planning on taking a trip in the next few months - after some initial research I have chosen South America. I plan to go for 2 months or so, potentially longer. Please bear with me for these initial questions! I'd like to leave around July.

- I have seen advertised "organised" trips by agents. Whilst this seems less hassle I imagine it would be both more expensive and less flexible. How difficult is it to rock up in a foreign city with a loose plan of where/when you want to go?

- *Broadly* speaking how much would be advisable to have in reserve money-wise? I figure £600ish for the flight. Taking a brief look at hostels £10-15/night seems the going rate give or take. I'm already working in a professional capacity so it's not that much of an issue, just a curiosity more than anything.

- Any advice on planning the actual route? Past really just wanting to see South America I don't have any preconceptions with regard to much else.

Thanks for any advice offered.

2. Posted by 2sneezes (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hi, I'm planning a trip to South America this year too, taking around 4 months, so I'm in a similar situation.

I have a few friends who have travelled around SA already, some doing their own thing and others as part of a package tour.
The ones on the package tour said it was much more relaxing (especially as a single girl), but the ones travelling a la carte had no problems accessing the things they wanted to do.
I'd recommend doing some reading, to find out about things that sound interesting, what experiences other people have had, and how much it all costs (roughly) just so you have a vague idea before you get there. The more flexible you are, the easier it is to just rock up and do something.

Each country is different, but I've been told around $50-70 per day is a good general budget. Of course, if you plan on doing lots of adventure activities that will increase spending.

2 months is not very long. In that time I'd recommend focusing on 2-3 countries, maybe less if you want to travel extensively in Brazil. What kind of transport are you planning to use? Planes are fast, but expensive. Buses are more affordable, but it's a very big continent, so if you try to do too much, you may spend a lot of time in transit.

I hope that's helped. Most libraries carry guide books, they might not be the latest edition, but it's a good starting place for some ideas.

3. Posted by goldstar (Inactive 4 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

All those other places are great, but I personally recommend Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's a great city with its own unique flavor and culture. There are lots of museums, art galleries, concerts and beautiful architecture and history, if that is your thing. You can go to a tango show, a soccer game, skydiving or just walk along the beautiful Rio de la Plata. It is only a short local flight away from some of the most incredible natural wonders of the world, including Tierra del Fuego and the Iguazu waterfalls. Also, BA boasts the best nightlife in Latin America (and the world?) with bars and clubs that don't shut down until well past the sun comes up.

I've traveled around most of South America and Europe, and BA is still my favorite place to go. There is a reason why some many people who come here to visit end up staying for some much longer!
People like to talk about how unsafe it is, but it is no different than any other big international city (and certainly safer than nearby Rio). If you stay smart and keep your head up, you shouldn't have any problems.

Buenos Aires is a Latin American city with a European flavor. People like calling it "The Paris of South America," but that doesn't do it justice. BA has it's very own unique character that makes it stand out from every other city in the world.


So, yes, I'd say you should go to Argentina. The only problem is that just one year might not be enough!

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