How easy is it to Upload pics in a cyber Cafe?

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1. Posted by bigpeter (Budding Member 12 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!


Just a quick question for peeps in the know.

I want to take my Digi camera away with me when I go in Feb. I have a decent analogue camera, but prefer the digi.

However, I am worried that I'll be stuck with 2 full memory cards and no way of uploading them untill I get home. Not leaving me with many shots to take.

Would it be best for me to take the analogue and loads of films?

Would it be best to buy more momory cards?

Or, do you think I'll be able to upload my pics to a PC in a cyber cafe and email them home, freeing up some memory.

any advice would be wicked.



2. Posted by Bethwardo (Budding Member 5 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

This is what ive been wanting to know!!! I know that doesnt help you very much but ive got some more downers to point out that I dont know if uve thought about........the cost of batteries, if not batteries, charging it up cos it will be different voltage everywhere!! But if we use films, are they safe being sent home or could they get lost on the way???

Another question to anyone in the will I stand if I take my digital camcorder??? Are mini DV tapes easy to come by and the charging problemo again??!!!!! Would it be cheaper buying a decent camera over there and scrap the digital camera idea???

Answers much apprieciated

3. Posted by meerola (Full Member 32 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

A few comments to both of the previous posters.

I've faced the same problem when traveling for longer periods. My solution was to buy a 1GB memory card, which is already a lot harder to fill up than say a 64MB one. However, this solution, as it's somewhat costly, is not always feasible. What I would do in your case is bring with me a USB memory card reader such as the SanDisk Imagemate (for CompactFlash cards), or any similar device that works in modern OS's (Win2000, WinXP) without having to install any drivers. If you just bring your camera and the cable that came with it, you probably won't be allowed to install the software necessary on the computer of a public cyber cafe.

You have to keep in mind that one big memory card presents a new risk: if your camera is stolen and the card with it, you'll lose all the photos you've taken so far. Therefore, even if you don't run out of space, you might want to try the cyber cafe solution every now and then just to have a backup of your photos. And instead of just emailing them - especially if you have an unrealiable (free) account - you might want to check out the websites that rent file storage space accessible with any browser from anywhere in the world.

Regarding battery life and different voltage. Many digital cameras come with universal chargers, ie. the same charger can handle different voltages. All you need is an adapter for the plug, and those you can buy for a few euros at airports, department stores and gadget shops. You should check before traveling whether your charger is a universal one. Those with replaceable batteries won't of course run into any problems in that area.

Memory cards, DV cassettes, batteries and the like are available in most places around the world. Maybe not in the rural areas of less developed countries, but in the capital cities at least.

And finally, mailing films. I wouldn't do that. If you've got spare cash, you can UPS/FedEx/DHL them home, but I'd definitely not trust normal mail. First there's the risk of the film being fogged by x-rays, and secondly the risk of the package getting lost. Very common in poorer countries. Bring a water/dust/lightproof bag (available at camera shops) for your films and keep it in your hand luggage at all times. Airport x-rays won't fog the films unless you go through a LOT of airports.

Hope this helped


4. Posted by annienbeer (Budding Member 2 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Hi Pete,

What you need to upload your pics from camera to pc is a USB cable,. Did you recieve one of these when you got the digi camera. If not they will be easy enough to get. Any computer hardware store will sell them for next to nothing. It will also be good for you to get UPLOAD software. So when you go into an internet cafe, you insert the install the UPLOAD software CD, just by following those little steps. You will also plug the USB cable into the camera and then into the back of the PC. There will be a USB connection next to the mouse and keyboard port. With the software installed the PC will detect the hardware (which is the camera plugged into the PC) and it will then ask you do you want the picture to be uploaded. They will then be installed into a folder usually in C:MY DOCUMENTS/PICTURES on the PC.

What I do then is either burn the pictures to a CD or save on a floppy disc. Another handy way of keeping them while you are away is on the Yahoo Photos website. You can create your on account and upload your pictures to be stored there, that way you can give friends and family the webaddress and they can go to your link to view your pictures as they please.
Hope this is of help to you.

5. Posted by (Full Member 111 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

i handled it the same way. i had to, because all cybercafes i found on my last trip had bad internet connections. so i would have spend about 10h to upload all my pictures. luckily they had a cd burner so i could burn my pics on cd and were happy.
just wanted to say that not all cybercafes own a connection for uploading some 100mb´s in a comfortable time.

cheers, M

6. Posted by iloveflyin (Full Member 159 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

All of us traveling with digital cameras will from time to time runs into this problem of not having enough memory on our cards. I myself have enough memory for roughly 300 high resolution pics. Sometimes, I would bring along my labtop. I use it to watch DVD movies, listen to music on the plane, and download pictures from my memory cards so to free space for the next day shooting.

If bringing a labtop is cumbersome, especially, overseas or backpacking trip, then cyber cafe is the best choice. Bring along 3 or 4 CD- RW,s (rewriteable CD) and 3 or 4 CD-R. You should also bring along a card reader (around $10-20) to transfer pics from your memory card to the CD. Most cyber cafe should have Windows XP. With it, you don't have to install any program to run your memory card reader. Each CD-RW hold around 450M-500M. Each CD-R holds around 650M to 800M. The price for the CD's is about 25 US cents a piece. So, you can use them freely. Besure, after you download your pics, double check your CD, make sure that your pics are copied, before you erase your memory cards.

I rent server space to store my pics, however, I only rent 100M, not worth loading a whole bunch of pics while on a long trip. If you run out of CD's, buy them along the way. Sometimes, it better to make 2 sets of CD's, just incase one set is damage while on the trip.

7. Posted by backpackit (Full Member 45 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Are most cafes going to ALLOW you to upload/install new software on their equipment?? Memory issues aside, my interest would be uploading pictures for family and friends to monitor my trip and experiences. It would make my emails that much more interesting...but is modifying cafe computers really such a viable option? I guess the other option then is to bring the labtop/notebook with me, but then of course there are issues with batteries, voltage conversion..etc etc.

8. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Who wants to spend half their holiday traipsing around from one internet cafe' to the next? Digital cameras, installing software, memory sticks, hundreds of dollars - bah humbug!

If you really think that your friends are as interested in your trip as you are, get some copies of some of your favourite photos and stick them in the post.

It may not be the coolest or most hi-tech way of doing it, but it's the easiest, cheapest and most convenient.

9. Posted by BeckyR (Full Member 174 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!


So glad someone started this discussion!!:)

I have been juggling the analogue versus digital for some time now, and have just decided to go for digital since I have joined a website (worldisround) where you can upload photographs and my plan was for friends and family to log on to this website.

I agree about going from cyber cafe to cyber cafe and that is not the point of the RTW trip, but a couple of occasions to log on (especially when there is internet access in most hostels) is not too much to do! And perhaps easier then finding a photo lab . . . .still we will see once I start the travels . .

But is the advice to still get the CDs?


10. Posted by euronewbie (First Time Poster 1 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I've got a digital camera and am planning on taking heaps of pics on my travels. The solution I'm going to go with is to purchase a portable CD burner to take with me. They are just a bit bigger than a CD walkman and they copy your images direct from the memory card to CD quite quickly - about 10minutes apparently! Also what I'm planning to do is burn dupliate copies onto CDs and then post one copy home so I have a back up if anything happens. The model I'm going for is called the Apacer 200 -its about $380 Australian dollars so kind of pricey but my pictures are going to be precious!

A cheaper alternative is to purchase a portable hard drive. These are about the size of an Ipod and again you can copy direct from your memory card onto the hard drive. They come in sizes from about 15G up to about 80G so you can fit heaps of pictures on them. The main reason I've gone with the CD burner instead though is the security of being able to make duplicate copies