How easy is it to Upload pics in a cyber Cafe?

Travel Forums Travel Photography How easy is it to Upload pics in a cyber Cafe?

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11. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

CD burners and personal hard drives! All for taking photos and sending them home! I suppose you take your microwave oven when you go camping....

12. Posted by iloveflyin (Full Member 159 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

It looks like we have been playing volleyball with this topic!
I was one of these who lug over 50 lbs of camera equipment climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan - young and stupid, I guess. A 6X7mm Mamiya, and two lenses, and a metal case...$3000 worth of film equipment. Now you ask me where are the pictures I took on that trip I would know. Well it was many years ago.
These days, with a pocket digital, such as my friends 5-megapixel Canon G5 ($450) and a one-gigabite compact flash (around $200), one can record around 1000 real good quality shots (the equivalence of 27 rolls of 35mm - 36 exp. film.) The memory card, mind you, is a bit bigger than a postage stamp, and no thicker than the thickness of a floppy disk. Not only that, airport X ray has no effect on it. The camera, fits into your shirt pocket nicely. One of the major plus of digital camera, is the ability to erase shots you don't want to keep. Unlike film, you can take as many shots of a scene as you want, and erase as many as you want and not cost you a penny. You can observe the result right there, erase, and retake, until you have the shots you want to keep. With film you can't do that. You can take all 27 rolls of film, and can't see anything until you have them processed. By then, you might not have a chance to retake.

Qualitywise, a five meg. camera can produce a picture the size 11x14" and it would take a trained eye to tell the difference between digital and film. Ofcourse, you have to have a decent photo printer for it, or take it to the photolabs. If you are a serious professional photographer, then you know that film still have an edge over digital in the sharpness (resolution) department. But for most of us who are travellers first and photographers second, I believe digital is the choice. If you cannot affort to spend money on a digital camera at this time, then stick with your film. But, if you can, then by all mean, invest in one. In the long run it save you beaucoup money. Think about 27 rolls of film at 3,4 $US each. That's equal to about 75-100 dollars. You can expose around 1000 shots, which include some blurry pictures, some over or under exposed pictures, and maybe, if you'll good, you might have 3,4 hundred good ones. Next trip, you spend another $75-100 more.... With the memory chip, all you have to do is download those 1000 shots to your computer at home, erase the memory chip, and ready to go again. The cost? zero, nada, zippo! Never mind the cyber cafe, the portable harddrive. Of course, they're out there if you need them. But, if you have enough memory, those are extras.
Next month I am going to Tokyo, Saigon, Bangkok, Siem Reap (Ankor Watts), and maybe Paris, before heading back to the good US of A. I have roughly 500 megabites of memory chips, and my friend promised to lend me his 1 gigabite. Chances are I won't need the cyber cafe. I am bringing my 6.3 megapixel Canon SRL digital with a 18-55mm, and a 70-300mm lens with macro. Can't wait!

13. Posted by bigpeter (Budding Member 12 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Well I got back from my trip. I decided on the morning if the flight to not take the digi camera but to taje my analogue.

Much less hassle than farting around with cyber cafes and CD buring etc. you just keep the films in your pack and your sorted.

14. Posted by tingo (Full Member 94 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Depends on where you go I think. I suppose in Europe or USA or Australia it will not be a problem to upload your pics or to write them somewhere on a cd....
I've been travelling mainly to south america, and there it's impossible to upload your travel pics. Most cyber bars have a very bad internet connection especially in Peru and Bolivia (you can be happy if you are able to check your mails...). Chile and argentina have better connections especially in the big cities...And most of the time the computers in the cyber bars are very trying to connect your USB device will not work, and even if this work the computer probably doesn't have the correct driver. Most computers there still have win 98...
So I changed back from digital to analogue... Quality is still better then digital and no worrying about not having enough memory....
I bought a negative/slide scanner to scan my pictures if I want to have them digital...for me that's the best solution!

15. Posted by wwhhomes (First Time Poster 1 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned, but they are a large number of photograph processing companies who now offer facilities to download your memory card on to a CD or on to actual photographs.

You can then take the CD home, and just download them to your PC, or email them home easier.

I used these kinda facilities in Malaysia, and Australia and was a god send. I'm not sure which other countries offer this service, but it might be worth checking with the likes of Kodak, Fuji etc.


16. Posted by steph_444 (Budding Member 16 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I just got a regular camera last year, but am now wishing that I had gotten a digital. It just seems more convenient than hauling around rolls and rolls of film the whole trip. But my question is how accesible are photo shops that download your pictures onto a CD? I am thinking mainly Western Europe. That way you don't have to worry about all the downloading, installing programs, crappy connections, etc.???

17. Posted by ko_chan (Budding Member 5 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

-----euronewbie wrote: A cheaper alternative is to purchase a portable hard drive. These are about the size of an Ipod and again you can copy direct from your memory card onto the hard drive. They come in sizes from about 15G up to about 80G so you can fit heaps of pictures on them.


I got one of these before my trip to Japan in 2001/2002. Can't stress their use enough. Fill the flash card up, plug it in to this thing (runs on battery - enough for 20+ downloads), hit the button and voila, it copies everything on to the HDD in a couple of minutes. Wipe Flash card, start from scratch.

End result? 3000+ pics in 5 weeks.

Chargers for both my camera and portable HDD/card reader (A.K.A X-Drive) are 100-240V so it wasn't a problem using it in Japan.

Most no. of pics in a day: 600+, videos included. Tokyo Auto Expo 2002. The only thing that stopped me? Battery power - I ran both flat in 6-7 hours. Went through 3 downloads of the 256 mb CF card.

As for the actual question about uploading pics in a cafe. Here are the main three probs I faced in the Yahoo cafe in Tokyo.

1) The management - they don't allow you to plug your own portable HDD in as there's the risk of viral infections etc...I had to be sneaky about it.

2) Resizing: you DON'T want to email a 1mb file over the net to anyone. If you want to drop it to say a 1024x768 jpg, you need an image editing program. There's a good chance there isn't one on that internet cafe pc.

3) Someone mentioned the age of pcs as well. Tokyo has WinXP pcs everywhere - no trouble. MAC OS X is fine without drivers as well. Anything with OS's under WIN98 SE will prob have trouble and you'll need drivers. See point 1)

Nevertheless, it's still a great way to effectively have an almost limitless amount of memory for your digicam (20G for 20000pics).

Here's where I picked mine up from - they DO ship o'seas too.

They start from US$80 without a HDD. (Add US$100 for a 20 or 30 G HDD depending on which model you choose) Shipping is usually about US$20-30.

(No I'm not getting paid any commission for the plug) :P

My rant

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