whats there to do for 19 year olds in america...

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i will be traveling on my round the world trip, across america from west to east... will be staying in NY for the longest and was wondering what there is to do... i was hoping to meet up with people of a simular age and get to know the area etc etc... any ideas on websites or something

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What is there to do in NYC? (By NYC I'm assuming you mean Manhattan i.e. The City.) There are a number of world class museums. The Metropolitan is one not to miss. Museum of Modern Art is another. It's an endless list. If you decide to go to any museums, just remember that the price listed on public museums is a suggested price (I don't think most Americans even realize this). You can pay $0.25 to get in if you want. The New Public Library is a bit interesting as well, it might as well be a museum.
However, museums may not be your thing.
Check out the restaurants. You can probably also get into some bars too, especially down near Greenwich Village. Even though NYC is expensive, you can stretch a dollar there as much as most major cities.
Other options:
-A damn-fine bagel and decent cup of coffee/or tea:), while watching the freaks in Central Park, will cost you under $5.
-A slice of pizza comporable to Naples will cost a $1.50.
Whats sort of things are you looking to do?
-Not sure if Seinfeld was big in the UK, but the Soup Nazi is a real guy, he is at the Soup Kitchen on West 55th St. Supposedly, the best soup in the world. (I've never been.) $5.
-You can get a decent swharma in the Village for a few dollars. Probably not as good as in London but not bad. $5 or $6.

Some other options:
-Empire State Building (I think over $10, it's been a while).
-Statue of Liberty, I believe it's reopened.
-Ellis Island take the Path to Jersey City. I believe there is a stop close enough to walk.
-Take in a show on broadway (TKTS offers some tickets for half off sold the morning of the show. I believe there is only one office now in Times Sqaure. I'm pretty sure the other was in the World Trade Center.) There are decent off-broadway shows, too.
-Walk across the Brooklyn bridge (it's free).
-Take a walk down 5th Ave, St Patrick's Cathedral is impressive.
-You can see some other impressive churches, such st. John's, Trinity Church near the WTC.

Feel free to shoot out any questions. Some of this info may be a little dated, so I apologize but some of it is from recent experience.


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See a show.... The Best right now is Avenue Q... but you have to be familiar with seseme street.