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I'm going to be in California this summer, what is the best way to carry my cash around, travellers cheques? Bank card? Credit card?

Hope you can help.

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All 3 are perfectly fine. Bank card will help you get cash, the CC is accepted everywhere and Travellers cheque is ok, but its takes just a little bit longer to cash. In europe, changing Travllers cheques is terrible on top of the fee. Visa or Mastercard, and you'll do fine:)

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In addition to the above ideas, if you wish to carry large amounts of currency (cash), recommend a money belt which you should treat as your deep bank vault, and carry enough money in your pocket for that day's ready access needs.

Have a great trip.

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-Big white bag tied with a hank of rope and a dollar sign on it.

-Great Oak Chests...all money in coins.

-Incredibly battered saddle bags thrown over one shoulder while smoking a cheroot.

-steel briefcase handcuffed to your wrist.

-Black duffel bag with the money divided into bundles and organized for everybody's cut.


Take the money you want and put it in your front pocket. Carry your bank card and take out money as needed. When you use the card, though, take out a big chunk as those fees are a killer.

If you are going to use a money belt....UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!!!(!)go into it while you are out. This is not only for your own protection, but the protection of every other money belt user.

My personal belief on the money belt is that they are a big fat waste of time. I used one once, years ago, while in CA. When ever I said I didn't have enough money while bargaining for something, the other party would point to my supposedly secret money belt. Everybody knows they are there. But that's just me.



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Go to to your bank and obtain a duplicate bank card-that way if one is lost in a flood/robbery or malicious machine you have a backup.

Now as to where to carry this card.......

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A debit card and credit card are all you need in the USA. Having more than one of each is helpful in case for some reason a card is blocked by your bank or card company. I haven't seen the need for travellers cheques in the US, as cards are accepted almost everywhere, often in preference to cash.

Depending on which ATM you use, the fee will vary. Some charge a fixed fee of $3 per withdrawl, others $2 and some nothing. Plus, your card company will charge you as well.

Stating the obvious, but carry them in different places about your person.


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Whenever I go somewhere in CA for vacation, I usually try to keep $40-$50 cash on me. Credit Cards(Visa, Mastercard, etc.) are accepted pretty much everywhere. The cash I carry is just in case a place doesn't take a card. A money belt would be more than enough to keep safe. If not, as long as you have common sense(don't actually 'make it rain' in a crowd), a wallet would be fine.