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Hi there,

Can anyone give me advise on what jabs i need for entering brazil (from the UK) and when i need to get them? I made an appointment at the docs today and i missed it because i thought it was 12:15 when in fact it was 11:45 - anyway, the doctors surgery is so busy that they said i couldnt get another appointment until 10th Nov - only 3 weeks before i go! aaargh!! is that too late?? what will i do?? will they still let me in the country???

Please help!


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Hi mugen - the health recommendations advise to have Hepatitus A & B (I think that is the two but two Hep jabs anyhow), also typhoid I think is the other I had. I was outdated with mine and so had to have a booster first and then another a few months after to last 10 years but chances are you will just need the one lot - it isn't essential but advisable. There is also Yellow Fever vaccination which I think you have done down the local hospital for a price (think £40 but can't remember). Yellow Fever takes up to 10 days to work - I think with the others it is straight away. Bear in mind if you do travel to some other places in South America such as Peru within three months of travelling to Brazil then you HAVE to have the Yellow Fever as it is then made compulsory - it is also strongly advised to have it if you are travelling through places such as the amazon and so on. Also I was advised to have the rabies vacc. which is £100 and although it seems alot I think I'll have it done just before I go as if I got bitten then it would be bad. To cut to the chase I don't think you're too late providing you don't need a booster vacc. but it is best to ask them over the phone and explain the situation


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I will give you this link it should cover the above info. and more www.brazil.org.uk/page.php?cid=669

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Rabies, if you are travelling in rural areas, is highly recommended. It is a series of 3 jabs before you go out and then a single jab 6 months later (this is a booster and can be done on return... if you have this booster then you should be covered for about 10 years)..

Basically if you get bitten by a rabid dog, the cure is administered by a long course of needles being stuck straight into your stomach with massive injections. And when I say needles, I don't mean your average jab / needle, I mean massive ones. The needles are about the same size as those used on horses and cattle. You really don't want to have the cure, so it is advisable to get the injections!!!

As for the rest: Rach-a has pretty well sumed it up! yellow fever is recommended especially if you are thinking of travelling to other countries. And the usual Hep A+B, Polio, Tetanus, Diptheria etc are of course highly advisable.

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I am in pain just reading about that needle!! ouch!! i think i will definitely get a rabies jab. and thanks for that link Rach, very helpful.... This is my first time away on my own and the thing i am worried about most is if i get ill when i'm away. i know its pretty much inevitable that i'll get some sort of stomach bug or somethign at some point but i am such a wimp when i am ill and i know thats when i am gonna miss close friends and family the most..... oh well, i'll cross that bridge if and when i come to it. in the meantime i will get lots of jabs and hope it doesnt happen.

Cheers for your help


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Have fun and enjoy the trip. And best of luck for all those injections!