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Going To Aus in April! Guide To It All......

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Going To Aus in April! Guide To It All......

1. Posted by DanUK2009 (Budding Member 35 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

This is my first post so Hey to everyone. I'm going to Brisbane in April, have my flight booked and my Working Holiday Visa and just wondering if anyone can answer a few questions i have.

Bank Account - Nationwide are scrapping the commission free withdrawals abroad so now i think the only option would be to open an account in aus and transfer my funds but how can i do this if i am in australia and my account is in the UK, will i have to transfer before i go?

Accommodation - I am staying with a family that my dad knows that emigrated a few years ago until i get sorted with a job and things, what is the price for accommodation ie a flat or house sharing with people?

Travel - How did people or do people plan on travelling around? Bus/Car/Bike? i intend on traveling about but as the visa is for a year i will be spreading it out abit so wont be doing it straight away. I am going to travel aswell as see what it is like for the future like living in Australia aswell. I am also going by myself :S

Insurance - Anyone know any good websites for travel and health insurance?

Job - With the Working Holiday Visa am i restricted with the job i could get? Is it easy to get bar/hotel work? Is it easy to get work at all :S?

Anyone else going around this time? Is it ok that i am doing this by myself like will i meet people on the way and things?

Thanks for any replys!

2. Posted by lavenlaar (Budding Member 46 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Gday Dan

@ Bank account - not 100% certain, but im sure you are able to open an account here if you're working.
WESTPAC BANK COMMONWEALTH BANK ST GEORGE - may i suggest a "Visa Debit card" incase you are travelling and need a credit card!

@ Accommodation - Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne are all around the same prices, depending how close to the city you'd like to be !

@ Transport - Each city has sufficient public transport, Sydney prob the worst of it though. If you are travelling intra/interstate, depending on what you'd like to do & see really ... and how much time / cash you got ! East Coast by plane is fairly cheap, just look on WEBJET to see the prices.

@ Insurance - travel, when im in Oz and fly to Europe - i use LLoyds of London. Best for my needs over there. Health, im sure your health is covered by our lack lustre Public Hospital system using MEDICARE

@ Jobs - MYCAREER SEEK CAREERONE or look in your local paper that is sent to each household each week - or get out there and look !!!

Hope this helps


3. Posted by DanUK2009 (Budding Member 35 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Thanks alot for the reply. Answered alot, so where are you based at in Australia?

Still confused about the bank situation, if I opened an account once I am in australia how do I go about transfering my funds from a UK bank when I am in Australia? Would I have to do the transfer before?

4. Posted by Cool Paul (Travel Guru 611 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I'm in the usa and called the bank before I left and opened one over the phone. after that I went to my bank and signed some papers to have some money transferred to the bank account in oz. check out commonwealth bank in australia. that's what I did


wait until you get there to open a bank account and just withdraw a few hundred with your card from home and deposit the cash.

5. Posted by jasonh2015 (Full Member 156 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

HI Dan, I just turned all my money in to Pounds Sterling AMEX travellers cheques. Than banked them when i got to Australia with commonwealth. Safest way to do it. You can transfer aswell, I bank with Barclays, and they charged me £20.00.

One thing i suggest, commonwealth told me i have to wait a "few days" for them to be credited. They are as good as cash, no waiting time.

6. Posted by DanUK2009 (Budding Member 35 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hey Jason.

Good Idea, was it safe to carry that much on you though?

Are you in Australia now?

7. Posted by jasonh2015 (Full Member 156 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hi Dan, I'm going back in Oct for a few months, then on to New Zealand on a working holiday. All i did last time was party for a few months.

As for cash, never lost any, the only thing that happends is homeless people do just walk up and ask for money. During the day Sydney is a very nice City, at night its full of drunks, mostly backpackers lol.

I didn't really carry much cash on me, but in the shops they round things up or down to the closest 10 cents. So I know its only a small amount, but every cent counts. Most places accept cards.

Also, some banks do charge for taking out money. I banked with commonwealth, and I got an account with unlimited withdrawals. It was $8AUD a month, but compared to $1AUD for every withdrawel it works out! Oh the unlimited withdrawels are only with your banks ATM's

Hope this helps, anymore questions, let me know :)

8. Posted by DanUK2009 (Budding Member 35 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Thats great thanks.

Think i am just going to take some australian dollars with me and then when i get over there, open a new account and get my money transfered to make it easier.