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Hi, guys.

I've just received an offer to travel to Maldives in July (from May to July, actually. but for me July would be best). Weatherwise, which of these months are better? Is it to risky to see rain and more rain?

Apart from that, has anyone been to Kanuhura Hotel?

Also I'll be traveling with my baby daughter (11 months). Do you think it's a nice place to go with a baby?

Many thanks.


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Hi Aline,
I've been looking at spending 5-7 nights at Kanuhura Resort in mid-October so have the Maldives LP book and a travel brochure with pics of the resort in front of me.
LP says 'From May to November is the period when storms and rain are more likely. It's still warm, but skies can be cloudy and the humidity is higher'.
The brochure and Net pics are stunning.
On page 157-158 LP says 'magnificent beaches, stunning accomodation and top-notch food. On all fronts it scores maximum points - stay here if you are lucky enough to have the chance'.
Sounds pretty good to me even if it rains a bit!!!!!
I generally look at wunderground for historical weather data if need be, and tripadvisor has some info from previous July visitors (do a search in 'Maldives forums').
Don't know much about babies



P.S. From tripadvisor -

The link below is to an excellent article about the weather written by Emu72:


In addition to Emu72's excellent review, you might like to take a look at this link to the Maldives Dept of Meteorology.


July is in the middle of the wet monsoon season, so some rain is almost certain. How much and when is anyone's guess. Some posters are lucky and go in the rainy season and have great weather. Others have reported days of continuous rain. The other thing to be aware of is that the weather can vary greatly from island to island.

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I haven't been there but have read a lot about it (it's a dream of mine to visit one day to stay in an overwater bungalow). It looks like a really nice place for you to relax with the baby and have a rare bit of you time which you have probably had little or none of for the past 11 months.

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I am new here. Dunno hw 2 strt a new thread so askn here. Me n my hubby r planning fora holiday in maldives, but i havent been out of india ever...so i av a lot of confusions as 2 hw 2 go abt it. cn sme1 hlp me wid it ? r der ne service providers tht cn hlp me wid it ?

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Hello Tina,

There are many service providers to facilitate your tour. not quiet aware of others. i contacted maldives live(search on google). we visited the Baa Atoll. the experience was great. apart from quality food and drinks, it is a paradise for diving. but by my reckoning the best place for you to visit will be oluveli island which is one of the best resorts for couples.