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Londoners, I just can't understand how it works. Please, help me.

1. Do I need a picture to make an Oyster Card?
2. Where can I make it?
3. How does it work?
4. Do I need an Oyster Card do buy a Travel Card (1 or 3 days)?
5. Is it better to buy the Travel Card (1 or 3 Days) or just use the Oyster, considering the cap thing?
6. How can a tube ticket make me feel so stupid?



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No pic, saves you lots of money, 80p instead of £1.50.

Recommend it. Swipe in and out of tube stations/buses.

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1. No picture needed
2. You get one at a tube station ticket office
3. It's basically a pre-pay card. You pay to have money charged onto the card. Then when you travel on buses or tubes the fare is deducted. fares are nearly half of what you would pay with cash.
4. You don't need an oyster card to buy a travelcard.
5. The cap thing limits the maximum charge in a day to about the same cost as a travelcard. So the oyster is the easiest way without having to worry about if a travelcard is cheaper.
6. Sorry it's complicated. It's actually trying to speed things up and remove the use of cash.

If you are in London for just a few days just get daily travelcards. less paperwork. Else an Oyster is better. You will need to register an address when you apply for your card. I suppose your hotel address will be OK.

more info http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tickets/default.aspx

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Thank you. It was a lot of help.
; )