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:)Hey everyone, I've been dying to travel for as long as I can remember and im finally going in May/June! Its the longest I can possibly wait while being realistic about saving enough money!

I'm planning to travel to Thailand overland Vietnam, overland Cambodia, overland Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, and back to Thailand for between a year to 18months maybe more if I can earn enough Picking fruit in Australia :D

I will be leaving a stressful but well paid job and my apartment to travel which I don't mind at all as my job is driving me insane and i've been getting the 'there has to be more to life than this' for a long time! The only thing that keeps coming back at me is what on earth am I going to do when/if I have to stop travelling? Has anyone ever travelled on an initially low budget but from working in different places managed to travel for a number of years?
I honestly can't imagine travelling for 18months and then having to try and find a boring job again in the Uk/Spain + find an apartment that i won't necessarily have the money to rent straight away!!

It may just be my sensible head getting in the way of a dream but its putting a dampener on my plans worrying about it! Has anyone else had similar thoughts? What did/do you do?

Also on a slightly different note has anyone used a 38L pack for one year+ travel? Do you really need more? I'm only 5ft 5 so clothes aren't exactly huge to pack away!

Thanks for any help :)

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Just go and dont even think about 'What next?' Enjoy today as it is. Yes, you could travel for as long you want, working on the way. Just takes some research to know what's on offer and where.
Anyway, the time you get bored of traveling, youll probably be looking forward to going back home and finding a 9-5 job.

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I'll be approaching 25 months now and I can tell you that question still evades me!

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I agree with Frank. Defintely 'do it'. Travelling is the best thing I have ever done. I met my now partner on the way home from travelling in Asia and haven't looked back since. It was initially easy enough settling back into the old 9-5 job, but after a while, you may start to get itchy feet again. However you never know what travelling may bring for you - you may decide a complete career change.....
I am actually off travelling again with my partner in October after two and a half years of doing a 9-5 job and cannot wait!! We hope to settle in Oz for a few years, if we can get visas. The best of luck in your adventure - I can assure you that you won't regret it!!

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Thanks for the replies everyone :)
I'm going travelling irrespective just wanted to know how other people deal with the dreaded thought of having to come back to reality as it were! And what people do to remain travelling for as long as possible!

7055 25 months?! Thats excellent !! did you need much cash to start off with?? I'll have £10k/$15k saved by the time I fly out i June so will have to see how far I can stretch that! I plan to do a lot of diving which will no doubt take up a chunk of my savings but I wouldn't mind teaching English for a while and fruit picking in Oz sounds pretty cool, earning money whilts being outside all the time in the sun eating fresh fruit everyday
I think i'll be adding Laos to my list as it looks like an absolutely stunning place to spend a month or so!

I think my concern is down to the fact that I won't have a base as it where here in Spain or in the Uk to come back to so its all very much the great unknown at the moment, exciting though to say the least !!

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