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I want to travel to South America, Brazil or Peru two countries I have learnt so much about. I love to read about them and want to visit them someday. I want to go visit them but its hard to find someone who wants to come along. I have never backpacked alone. I am scared, I have read many posts on this site where people have suggested different things about letting go the fear and move on. I am trying, have planned already twice but failed to utilize on it.

This time I am trying to gather all the courage to do it. I want to start with a small trip maybe a week or so that what I can get off from work. I was thinking of going to Rio or Machu Picchu. I want to stay in dorms because I want to meet backpackers like me. Any suggestions?? Anyone who is planning to be there during that time, needs company.

Really appreciate your suggestions.


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I dont know if this helps, but I will be in Cordoba, Argentina, for 2 weeks from 23 January, alone!! I had initially planned and arranged to go and stay with a friend I have made online and have been chatting with via MSN Messenger and on the telephone for the last 12 months or so. I have paid nearly £700 (I'm British... £700 or 700 pounds sterling equates to around 1200 American dollars!) for my flight, insurance and everything else only to learn that 'things have changed' and she now has a boyfriend. She has told me I am still welcome to go to her home and stay, but I would feel uncomfortable. I found this site last night when looking for cheap accommodation in or around Cordoba. Having paid for my ticket already, which is non-refundable, I intend to make the most of it. I have never used this site before, or its messaging service, forums or anything. I don't know how it works even. I don't know how you'll get this message, or how you can reply, or anything. I'm sure once it has sent, it'll make sense - I hope!

I am currently doing a bachelor's degree in Psychology at Cardiff University in the UK, am 31, and am male. I am also straight. I have accommodation booked, now, through this website, in Cordoba. I know Argentina isn't Brazil or Peru, but I can appreciate your fears and concerns as I now have them myself. I have always wanted to travel the world, but would need a companion. I wouldn't go alone if I had a choice!

Anyway, after reading your message I just thought I'd respond and let you know I'll be in Argentina, alone, for 2 weeks in January. If you feel like 2 weeks in Argentina and don't want to go alone, maybe we can help each other. It has always been my dream, since I was a child, to visit that part of the world, Brazil especially, but I have to settle for Argentina.

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I can only get vacation during last week of December or first week of January. I would love to have company, and I really don't mind going anywhere in South America as I want to get a cultural perspective more than anything else. My intention is not only visiting places but also meeting people from all around the world and learn about their cultures.

I hope you find someone around that time of the year who is travelling to Argentina. Buneos Aires is a great place to be in now a days, so hopefully you will have a blast.

Let me know if you or anyone else is planning to travel during the end of the year and looking for company, do drop me a line or two.


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Hi there - will be in Brasil from mid December 2004 to end of March 2005 - if you want to meet up with me in Brasil then give me a shout

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Travelling alone is not as scary as it sounds if you are aware of what is happening around you! Just being worried about possible eventualities is, in my opinion, an excellent stat! I spent 2 months travelling round Brasil on my own and it was excellent. Most of the time I met other backpackers going in more or less my direction, would join up with them for a few days and then move on with someone else that was going where I wanted when our paths parted. It was a wonderful experience and I met so many nice people! In the end I found some friends with whom I spent 3 weeks travelling. We had great fun. It really is the best way to meet others and no matter where you go there is always someone to chat to!

Youth hostels and cheap posadas are one of the best places to meet fellow backpackers.

Good luck!

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Hi am flying to Peru on the 9th November starting a year long trip around the world. I also was not meant to be travelling alone, but plans fell through. My mum is coming for a holiday for the first two weeks to climb macchu pichu. Then i will be left alone in cuzco on 25th November and i have got 4 1/2 months in south america. My plan is to travel from cuzco to bolivia and try and reach buenos aires by christmas. I haven't got any other plans than that. I fly out of santiago, chile on 16th March - I just want to try and fit in as much of south america as i can in my months. Keep me informed of your plans and maybe we will be somewhere at the same time and could meet up for a drink!
have fun

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Thanks guys for all the encouragement. Let's see if my plans fall through hopefully they would and I would be able to make it. I will keep you guys updated with everything.



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I agree with thowra. It really is surprising how you will gravitate towards other people in the same situation really quickly. It is fine and they will mostly speak english, and if not spanish.