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Me and a friend will be starting our 6 month trip in Argentina in March. I will be spending about 1 month before moving on. What are your opinions on what I should see? What are the best things to do/see?? I will be on a budget of about £1000 for this month here, but want to live in cheaper accomodation that will not break the bank. I will be starting in Buenos Aires. I love fishing by the way and heard that salmon fishing is among the best in the world??

Any suggestions would be good though, Thanks,

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1000 pound in Argentina or more precisely in Buenos aires is a lot of moneyin a month You wont need so much You wont break any bank.
For l month complete it is by far better renting a flat. Good one in a good area, that will be around 400 dollars.a bit more if you want sth better. i have rented an excellent studio for one for 350 dollars.
the girl came yesterday and she could nt believe it was that money.
For 410 there is a flat on the 4th floor overlooking a garden It will be free in Feb 20. An english girl and boyfriend are living there. For 450 you have wonderful b and b with swimming pools and lots of m2 for you. This one in particular was found after 1 month and a half search They are directly rented by owners so it is diff to find them
You can also make combinations, stay in a ranch riding on horseback, sailing and living near the delta. For fishing there is an area which is nice, quiet and inexpensive.
If your plan is moving around the country be prepared to plane almost all the time. distances are long and they take long. buses are comfortable but if you can afford it is better to use the plane.
Accommodation is affordable in all the country.
To sum up, you will not spend that money except that you get inside the best shopping malls every day. Eating is a cheap habit for tourist who put on several kilos in their stay.

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Have you thought of spending a few days in Uruguay? This is just a ferry ride from Buenos Aires but a somewhat undiscovered region -- check out Colonia which is a historic, cobblestoned city plus they are known for a better beach resort area than Argentina -- can't remember the name but you should find information on web search. We loved Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls but also enjoyed Uruguay.

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Hi, from Argentina!!! May I help u?...

Places you can´t miss while visiting my country:

"Los siete Lagos" Provincia de Neuquén, and Provincia de Río Negro, specially if you love fishing, or any other lake in South-west Patagonia. There you can fish beautifuls "Truchas", trout is the english for it?
You can also go for the "Dorado" in the Paraná River, but I don´t know when the season starts.
Personally, I love the "Quebrada de Humahuaca", in Provincia de Jujuy. You can see some photos in my details.
By the way, Iguazú falls, in Misiones, worths a visit.

Write for any help.

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Hello All,

Just to add to the discussion, I really recommend staying a while in Buenos Aires. It is simply amazing. A free-spiritted, european city that really knows how to enjoy life and live well.

Check out the Buenos Aires travel section at http://www.allaboutar.com/(a great argentina guide) for more info.



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If you want to actually see the country and get a good feel for it, I would recommend spending a week in Buenos Aires and then going to visit other things around the country.

Patagonia comes seriously recommended. It is fantastic and it's landscapes are so totally bleak and overwhelming.

Mendoza is also well worth a visit. This is an important wine growing region and from here you can also take a visit up to the high Andes and see Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Andes chain.

Another recommended place is Salta. Salta has a very famous "tren de las nubes" (cloud train) which takes you high into the mountains. The train is however quite expensive and it is possible to cover the same trip by lorry. The lorry is more flexible about stopping for photos and also takes you on beyond the final station and up to the salt plains beyond.

Another place to visit is Northen Argentina/Brasil/Paraguay area where the Iguazu falls are. You definitely cannot miss the Iguazu falls. They are absolutaly spectacular and the area is teeming with a wide variety of wildlife. One of the most incredible things to see in the region!!

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I am intending to travel about the country, see different things most definately!! Uraguay looks brillinat for a short trip also. The reason i'm starting in Buenos Aires is to start in the 'shallow water' and then I can move on in my travels to larger and more adventurous things.

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Uruguay is definitely worth a visit - it's really cheap and we found the people here to be the kindest and most helpful of our whole trip around south america. Punta del Este is the name of the very popular beach resort and it's a couple of hours drive from montevideo. We went in the winter so it was a bit deserted but still very beautiful. We took a short tour around punta del este and if you go you have to visit the house of a famous uruguayan artist. I forget his name(sorry!) but the house is called cienfuegos and the artist built it himself.It's right by the sea and half of it is a hotel and gallery for his work and he lives there too. It's a really unique building.
We spent 10 days in Buenos Aires, mainly eating and shopping, but we had a great weekend in barrio san telmo learning tango and visiting the outdoor markets.
Mendoza is a really good place for outdoor adventures and boozing. We went on a full days horse riding in the countryside right next to the andes which was incredible and then drank off the pain in our backsides the next day on several wine tours! And if you're in mendoza, santiago is only a 6 hour bus drive away and is great for a mad weekend! Have a great time!