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1. Posted by BigTex1984 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello, I am wishing to travel and backpack most of Ireland and it's tourist attractions. I've always been fascinated with the Irish culture and wish to see the country. The reason I am posting is to gather information on what I need to bring. I am aiming to stay anywhere between 4-8 weeks and I am only bringing a Backpack. Is 4-8 weeks to much? How much money do I bring? Do I need a visa? Can I get a job to fund myself when I am there? Are there camping areas around Ireland(I would also like to bring a tent/sleeping bag, if there are) or is a Hostel best? What kind of weather should I look forward to in the summer? I guess these are the basic questions I have. I am also trying to get my cousin to come with me. My areas of travel with most likely include, Kilkenny, Cork, Galway, Dublin, Killarney, Limerick and anywhere between.

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Hi BigTex1984 it's a good idea to plan such a big trip so far in advance.
You have so many questions that the easiest way to answer them all is for you to go to the advanced search box and enter one word - for example Dublin or Galway and you will see all the past posts on this subject.
My knowledge is only on Dublin so feel free to ask anything you want.
Cheers dub1

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Firstly, you won't be allowed to work in Ireland (North or South) without a work permit. Get in touch with the nearest UK or Ireland embassies for more details.
You won't need any kind of visa.
4-8 weeks?? Never enough time to do even the smallest of countries, but a nice couple of months nonetheless.
It's an expensive region of Europe and a bed for the night with food isn't that cheap.
Include Donegal if you can. In my opinion, the most beautiful part of the whole island.

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Hey there BigTex
here's a nice little site I came across if you're thinking of camping in Ireland
Have a look it's the personal experiences of people who've done what you're thinking of.
You can also try

Hope that's some use to you. Any specific quesitons just post them on.

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Four weeks is fine. Given the distance you are travelling I'd recommend spending some of the other four weeks in Scotland, Wales and maybe even England. As for places to visit, North Antrim is the nicest area IMO, the scenery is stunning, accommodation prices are reasonable and you won't get stung for the Euro exchange rate. I'd recommend staying at Ballycastle Backpackers, you'll be in one of the most pleasant towns in Ireland, with the option of easy day trips to Rathlin Island and the Giants Causeway.

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My parents (upper 50s) are planning a trip to Ireland this summer as well. They are big hikers, and they like to see the sights as well. I personally have only been to Cork, Cobh, and Blarney, but I think they are looking at a bed and breakfast in Killarney with some hiking in Killarney national park. Does anyone have any experience and or advice for this area of Ireland? Thanks in advance!

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I think you will love it in Ireland, but it has got really expensive for everything, I have noticed prices rising in the last couple of years, much more expensive than England.

It rains alot in Ireland so ensure you have waterproof jacket!

In Limerick a fantastic place to visit is Bunratty Castle, the layout of an old Irish village inside is brilliant, worth a whole days visit, there are big shops opposite outside the castle selling traditional items.

You would have to visit Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney stone to get your gift of the gab!! There is a beautiful village outside too which is worth a visit.

I have always wanted to go to Northern Ireland to visit the Giants Causeway, perhaps you would have time.

3 weeks sound a long time in Ireland, there is lots of counrtyside so everything is spread out, the population is not very big, I think you would definately need a car and a sat nav, public transport is not very good depending on where you are, i have never seen a bus when I stay in Thules Tipperary, train fares are very expensive too.


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Im actually from Cork so I have the insiders perspective! If you can afford to rent a car then it would definitely b the best option. Public transport isn't great here, its ok from city to city but getting out to the countryside to see beaches, lakes etc is not easy. Ireland is also pretty expensive so you should camp whenever possible.

If you are starting and finishing in Dublin you should probably just work your way around the coast
dublin - kilkenny - cork - killarney - limerick - galway - dublin
glendalough in wicklow, which is between dublin and kilkenny is nice if your into the scenery thing.

If you can rent a car then you have visit the southwest coast of cork (where i grew up) its beautiful. Must-see sights there include: Mizen Head lighthouse (most southern point on ireland), Barleycove beach, Climb Mount Gabriel for the amazing view, there is a model railway village in Clonakilty which is basically a tiny west cork that you can walk around and feel like Gulliver in Lilliput!

killarney is pretty great too, there are lakes and a national park complete with herds of deer, and the highest mountain in Ireland is nearby.

As Jennyyore said, bunratty and blarney castles are definitely worth a trip.

Galway is a really nice city, the nightlife is excellent. you should make a trip to Clare too, The Burren and The Cliffs of Moher shouldn't be missed since you'll be so close to them.

There are always some pretty interesting festivals on during the summer, like the galway races, or the world street performance championships. Try and make it to a hurling game some sunday, its a cool sport to watch and it'll give you a taste of the 'Real' Ireland!

Any questions, please ask!

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i agree with loutnch, all those places named are great. I'm from wexford in the south east, its also a great spot, the coastline has lovely beaches. The North and West hold the most scenery, The Burren and The Cliffs of Moher, Connemara, Kerry. One of my favourite places is Donegal, not to be missed!! I hope you have a great time and try catch a hurling game while you are here...generally held at the weekends in the various towns. Bring a rainjacket as it can be wet. enjoy your trip!