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Hey all

Am going to oz in 5 weeks time and am still undecided bout wot to do to go or not cause I have got a good job here and am bit worried bout leaving and going out there and maybe not getting and work I would appreciate any info use could share with me please am going to Melbourne hope to stay there and work

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Hey dude / dudette,

To be honest i dont think you will have much prob getting work out there, Ive got a job lined up already!!!

there is a Hays recuritment out in Aus! also Seek.com.au is pretty good website.

What line of work you in??

Kerry x

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Hi Hutchy,

I'm the same i am going to Aus in January and i have got a really good job here and just been promoted but my fella hasnt as he is in construction and cant get work anywhere. So we have decided to emigrate but im starting to hear stories about not being any better in Aus :(

I hope its not true though! apparently if you want to gain residency there you need to work 3 months of the year doing manual labour such as apple picking.


try some of these sites xx