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11. Posted by Isabella36 (Budding Member 11 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!


Thank you for all of your tips and suggestions. I appreciate your feedback. I'm going to stick to my list of cities to visit but will adjust the time frame to each city. Once I get my flight booked (hopefully very soon), I will plan out my trip.

Someone mentioned (I can't remember who) that Provence is best seen by car. I'm not going to rent a car. I was planning on visiting everything by train, bus and walking! I may reconsider and go to the places that another member suggested; "About France: Monte Carlo, Nice and hitting Reims when you travel to Paris."

I have thought about what all of you said with regards to traveling south first and then north. My big dilemma right now is deciding which city to fly into first: France or Italy? t_maia suggested flying into Paris first and then Italy b/c I can save on train tickets in Italy. Sounds good. I'm trying to listen to my gut instinct, "Where do I want to go first? Do I want to start in Paris and finish in Italy, or start in Rome and finish in Paris?" Do, do, do, do; Do, do, do; Do, do, do, do, do-do-do-do; Do, do, do..... (theme song from Jeopardy). lol.

Thanks again for your input.

P.S. Would I book my budget flight from home or once I'm in Europe? Does it really take 12-16 hours to get from Rome to Paris? Someone mentioned that the train ride is nice b/c you get to see the view. However, I will worry about my main flight first and then decide.

12. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Book your budget fligts ASAP, the prices for budget flights only go up the closer the departure date gets.

And yes, it really does take 12-16 hours to get from Rome to Paris. I looked it up on, the site has the best search engine for train connections in Europe. And the ride isn't that scenic, it is an endless stream of fields and hills that will bore you after 2-3 hours. Scenic is a flight over the Alps to Italy. If the weather is good you get treated to a spectacular view of the peaks.

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