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I'm heading to Whistler in November '09 for a working holiday... just wondering how the economic crisis has affected working holiday job opportunities. Looking to work in a youth activities area, so i'll be moving to Vancouver for the summer.

And any tips on living in Vancouver/Whistler would be appreciated! 26yo Aussie chick, I love travelling and any kind of outdoor sports.

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I'm a UBC student (Vancouver) and I often ski at Whistler with the student season pass. I must say, there are more Aussies and New Zealanders up working at Whistler than actual Canadians! You'd be quite surprised! Vancouver is a bit of the exception to the crisis, there is still a fair bit going for the Olympics coming up. Not to say the market hasn't suffered, but certainly less than others.

Don't know too much about youth activities or working holidays. If you are interested in working up at whistler check out whistlertourism (offical site). Otherwise, I would look up Craigslist...super useful here.

FYI Housing is generally expensive. Not too affected by market IMO.

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I heard there were a tonne of Aussies in Whistler... actually it was one of the reasons I was deterred initially.

Not sure if I should go this year or wait till after the Olympics...

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I lived in vancouver in sept/oct 2008 and found a job easily - it was also really handy because it meant i could check out local papers to find an appartment/job up in whistler and managed to get an appartment lined up by the end of sept for me to move into in novemeber. Check out the 'Pique' website - that is where everyone looks for appartments - its also has most of the jobs for shops and restaurants in the village!!

I'm still in whistler just now, but the village has been deadly quiet this season due to the economic crisis, a lot of people have had there hours cut and some people have lost jobs.... but i haven't known anyone that has had to leave due to this and im sure the place will be busier next year with the olympics!

Hope this helps!