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I am a 29 year old female and would like to travel to Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and possibly Chile and Argentina. I traveled all over Europe alone about 4 years ago, but going to South America alone as a blonde girl seems a little more daunting. I plan on staying in hostels and hope to meet some people along the way, but Can anybody give me suggestions on good places to go for traveling alone and if this is wise?


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In South America, I have only been to Argentina and Uruguay and I met a LOT of female solo travelers. I was definitely surprised by the number for the same reasons that you might be a little concerned. I can definitely tell you that the in the following places, traveling as a female alone will NOT be an issue at all:

A] Argentina

- Buenos Aires
- Patagonia (El Calafate, El Chalten)
- Tierra Del Fuego (Ushuaia)

B] Uruguay

- Colonia

I can vouch for this because I met a LOT of solo female travelers in all of the places listed above. If you want specific hostel recommendations for any of the above, send me a personal message and I will be glad to help.


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No worries. As long as you don't do anything extremely stupid, you'll be as safe as a single blond female as any other traveller.

Extremely stupid things not to do include:

  • Going out on your own without telling anyone where you go
  • Accepting drinks from strangers when there's nobody with you
  • Accepting a ride

Et cetera. Basically, everything gets much safer if you pair up with other travellers, which shouldn't be too hard. And, all these things above are also dangerous to do in the Netherlands, Japan, the US, Oz...

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I travel since years alone in South and Central America alone and had never a problem.
you will find always some solo traveler at the hostals.

Bentivogli gave you perfect advise!!

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I hate to disagree....but I think that you will get more attention than in Europe. I travelled throught all of South America with my boyfriend and I noticed a huge difference between when we were together and when I went out alone. Most of it is harmless attention, but in my experience the men are more aggressive than in Europe.

I don't want to scare you, but just want you to be prepared. But if you are sticking to the backpacker trail then you will always find someone to travel with.

Let me know if you need any suggestions.

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hi i spent 6 months in south america and met with and travelled with a lot of lone female travellers.... they all said the same thing..they all felt safe and never got into trouble...i would agree with bentivogli....as long as you stay sensible you mininmize any risks

as for for travelling... argentina is fantastic country and with lots to do and is very easy and safe to travel around