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I was just wondering if anyone has used the company Travellers Xpress before when claiming back Tax and Super-annuation after working in Oz.

Are they any good and do you get the full amount they promise?

Any info will be great.

Thanks in advance,


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Hey JD

My experience with Travellers XPress was 2 yrs ago when both my friends used them. They both applied at the same time (at the end of the tax year) and waited in excess of 6 weeks for the tax return. Eventually, when they got it, it was not as much as they expected. Approx 70% of the tax they paid, they got back.

However I applied for mine through the government website and got 90-95% of it back.

Try the government website, at least you'll be doing it yourself so there's no middle man taking his cut ;)

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I had to change my residency status to 'Resident for tax purposes' and as I worked in the same job for 6 months and lived at the same address for the same length of time it meant I would get a lower tax rate and got the full $3k I was owed...but after waiting 4 months for the rigmarole of getting it changed over...but this also meant that I got the $900 government stimulus windfall 2 months ago!

Go through and not Travellers express. You do need your PAYG codes to make things go more smoothly but as long as you have final paychecks then you should be ok with applying for it all. If it is for work that took place after June 08, it is best if you wait until after June 30th 09 as this is the end of the AUssie tax year and no money will be released until after then. And if you have the right status then you should get the money you are owed and it will arrive within 5 days of applying.

Super - no idea as I havent finished my second visa yet and cant apply but my mate just had 60% of it taken by the government in tax when he transferred it back to the UK.

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=====dont use travellers xpress!!!! =====we applied 4 months ago and still havent recieved any money back were due around 2500 and i got an email sayin i would recieve $106..not enough to cover my fee its riduiculous me and my boyfriend applied seperatly and are still both waiting...every time we call in office hours or emailing them they never reply or say the office is closed...not only that the office that we applied at is now closed down and im worried i wont even get a penny of my money back its a joke!! i warn every one away from using this company its a scam!!

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If you are having trouble with companies regarding tax-refunds and such, contact the Department of Fair Trading in New South Wales. If they can't help you they'll point you to in the direction of someone who can.