6 month RTW - DSLR or not?????

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I'm off on a 6 month RTW jaunt with my fiancee in November, and we're struggling with whether to get a DSLR to take on the trip with us or not.

We've only ever had traditional Point & Shoot cameras before, and are looking for any advice/experiences of the Pros and Cons of taking a DSLR (especially if you've never used one before) ... we'll be buying a new point and shoot before going (possibily a Canon IXUS or a Panasonic Lumix), will this be enough? Or will getting a DSLR too be really beneificial?


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My wife and I are leaving for our year long RTW in two weeks we will be spending most of time in Africa and Asia.

I have been shooting with a DSLR for several years now. I started with 35mm SLR. I couldn't possibly go on this kind of adventure without it, I don't think you can capture the sights properly with a point and shoot.

So I will be carrying a DSLR with two extra lenses plus tripod and maybe monopod. My wife will be carrying a point and shoot (Olympus 1030SW), which I also think is required.

Some things to think about, if you are leaving in November you have lots of time to start practicing. When I first got my DSLR I would take 100's of photos on various settings and experiment because it's free!

Good luck

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I was thinking about this also. I would like to be able to take the better quality photos while I am out there. But the space and weight problem of a dslr is the thing that has put me right of it. I'm still trying to weigh up the options.

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As a D (and 35mm) SLR photographer, I won't go on a trip like yours without my gear. Like Pegues, I'll bring my lenses, tripod, extra body, etcetera because, like Pegues, I've been doing it for years and I know the kinds of photos I can get with the gear I have. Anything else, to me, from me, is unacceptable.

However, having traveled a lot of places and dragged my gear all over the place, I know what you mean about space and weight being an issue. Also, because of my experience, people ask me which camera they should take to travel; SLR or Point and Shoot?

The bottom line is this; if you are an SLR person, you will be for life. If you're not, it takes time to learn and practice, which can be a lot of fun, but can also be heavy and expensive.

That's why I suggest a hybrid camera, like the Canon PowerShot SX1 IS. Here's the link to the B&H page:


It does more than a point and shoot - 10MP, great zoom and even HD video! - but not as much as a DSLR, which, if you don't have to begin with, you won't be missing. What you'll be giving up are the focal lengths (especially on the wide end) and speed of a DSLR. If you can work around it with this camera, you should be good to go.

If I had to travel around the world with ONE camera - or give that advice to someone else - this is the camera I would use.

I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it's not and I'll prove it: Nikon makes a similar hybrid camera, as does Sony and Olympus, I think. In my opinion, stay with Canon or Nikon.

I hope this helps. I have a travel photography Web site that I think you'll find useful, so PM me for the link, as that blatantly would be advertising if I posted it here.

Be well, be safe and have fun!


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get one and sell it online after the trip if you don't think you'll use it again.

but don't get a big goofy case. I took an SLR around australia, new zealand and ireland in the past year and never once had it in a case. it was either in my hand being used or, if I went out, it was wrapped up in a t-shirt thrown in with my clothes. It really doesn't take up that much space. it's like carrying a couple sandwiches and a can of soda.

but point and shoots are great for a night out!

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Get a compact digi. I've got a new Olympus F-130. It's as good as my friend's Canon SLR-digi and fits in my shirt pocket. The only thing it won't do is 10 frames a second. Apart from that, the results are identical.