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Hi there,

I will be looking to spend some time travelling from Dlehi to Varanasi in JUly, I'm a female and will be doing it on my own. There are plenty of affordable tour options, but I kind of feel like I'm cheating. Should I join a tour, or should it be relatively simple for me to do it on my own?



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You'll have much more fun if you arrange it yourself. Generally speaking tours only bring you into contact with the people on the bus rather than the local population.

You could consider joining the Couchsurfing organization. It comprises of members from different countries who offer somewhere to sleep, or just to meet up with you and show you around. The FAQ page explains how it all works. But to peruse the site, click the "Search a couch now" context menu and then choose "India" from the results. From there, you can click the link anyone's Profile to get more info about themselves and whether anybody has met them and what their opinions are.

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Hi, First decide where all you want to go, personally go on your own, it will be cheaper and more fun, just avoid being out alone after dark. Tours will be able to take u to all the relevant places of the particular area. But that can all be done at one third the cost if done independently.


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So the unanimous opinion is that you must travel by yourself.
But, please organize yourself...never wear scanty clothes because of the heat..
Indians think women who wear minis are those who are available...keep
away from strangers....drink bottled to families if you want proper
Would advise you to travel alone or in the company of a westener...please
avoid us Indians..we are good but confused.

Have a safe journey!

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If you use the accommodations guide on this site (button to the left) and pick one of the top rated hotels, I guarantee you'll meet others traveling alone when you check in, or even in a group that will be more than happy to have you join them. Its the perfect way to travel alone, but with others! Then when you want to go a different direction, its no hard feelings and your on your way.

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hi, l suggest you do it by your own, you can easly organize everything when you arrive to delhi, frist take a prepaid taxi from airport to Baharganj-main bazaar road ( 320 IRs-30 min), and when you arrive Main bazaar road there many guest houses all on the street,check out couple of them, they around single room pp 200-400 irs and the area is so close to new delhi train station, there is a office on 2nd floor( dont listen any people if they sayin the office moved out somewhere else and he can show where-he tyring to send you to his ticketing office for to take a commision) for booking and ticketing you can buy your ticket from there, to varanasi its around 400 irs for 2nd class sleeper seat but l guess you cant feel comfortable cos youre single/f traveller , l suggest take a 1st class sleeper Shivganga express, its more expensive but really comfortable(1900 irs ), so in varanasi you can go Yogi Lodge(l stayed there singlke room 200 irs pp,its a budget guest house and nice) or some other more middle class guest house you can find , just take a rickhsa and drive to main ghat area, you can find many guest house overthere too, and wkae up early like 5am in the morning fro puja ceremony on ganga river, you can take a boat trip on river for ceremony from guest house or you can go by yourself near the river and take a boat. its aorund 300-400 irs ,
how do l know all these infos? l spent 4 months in india and now l got a job in delhi and working/making money for another trip to some other place
take care

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