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Hi, both my husband and I feel that we need a change of jobs......for me, i've been on the same job for 5 years and it doesn't seem to go anywhere. I've wanted to quit for a long time now but my mom was diagnose with cancer and was sick for almost 3 years before passing on early this year.....
Before the kids comes, I feel that I should do it now or I will never move. Maybe its the stress of my mom's illness....i just feel that i need a change of environment.
I thought my husband and I could quit at the same time, take a couple of months off, maybe somewhere in Asia or Middle east (cheaper than europe)....followed by a couple of weeks in iceland/greenland (a generous invite from a friend).

Do not expect to be more than 4 months in total since we do have a housing loan and have no intention to sell it off.
Is it too silly to consider quitting our jobs for just a few months of travelling? Our companies do not provide for sabbactical.

We have sufficient savings to be without work for a year (in case it takes us that long to get a job).
I had gone off for a year before but that was six years ago when I was still single and no loans to pay off.
Appreciate any comments.

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In January of this year I decided that's it . .11years in the health service and I need a break.

So I resigned . .since my organisation would not support a sabbatical. I went travelling for 3 months, but have taken 9months off to enjoy life, do some voluntary work and catch up with friends and family.

Best decision I have ever made . . .

I sorted out an interest free credit card to cover me whilst travelling, and after 9months out of work I have just organised part time work to pay off bills and help me decide next career step.

I am fortunate in that I have no big loans, but even if I had a mortage I would still have done it . .you can always rent out your home for 6 months.

I went to Hong Kong, Oz, Nz, Fiji and North america . .accommodation varied between hostel and 5star depending on my mood! I now have friends all over the world, since I met fellow travellers from everyone . . it gave me time to experience different cultures, reflect and just chill out.

My partner of 7 years could not join me on the travels, but we managed to meet up in New York just before I returned. We have though during the rest of the time managed small trips. So if your hsuband can join you, brilliant . .but if not still consider taking the break . .it sounds a s though you need it and travelling will do you a power of good.

Have fun, be brave and let us know what you do!


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I don't think it's silly to consider this at all, especially if you are thinking of changing jobs anyway. My mother's death was one of the big things pushing me to travel as well. It's good to get away from everything. In a completely foriegn environment it is much easier to put things in perspective and not be weighed down by the day-to-day little things in "real life."

Are you just changing jobs, or changing careers as well? If you are just changing jobs then you shouldn't have a problem finding a new job when you get back, right? If you are changing careers, though, you might want to consider how much time / training / money it will take to embark on a new adventure in your working life.

Best of luck,