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1. Posted by betty2 (Budding Member 6 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I'm going to be travelling for 3 months round NZ and OZ and had been told that a wheeled hold all was the way to go, so I've now got a 85 litre one which is split in half so that the bottom half is like a suitcase, and the top half is just like a holdall, it has two hand straps and also a shoulder strap so I can carry it if need be, but the idea is that I dont have to! But I've now been reading some threads which are totally in favour of the backpack, and I'm wondering if mabye it would be a better idea? We have the Kiwi experience bus booked for NZ and will then be staying with friends for a couple of weeks, so I imagine I will just be throwing it on and off buses but we have no definate plans for OZ yet, but will be travelling about a lot as we will only have around 5-6 weeks left at that point, do you think what I have will be Okay for this or should I return it and go for the back pack option??

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I have a large wheeled hodal with lots of pockects on it,as last year i was in oz with a 85 ltr backpack and struggled to carry it.This time im travelling OZ with 2 holdals,only due to fact ive brought presents with me, so one will be empted soon. I think wheeled backpack type holdaLs are a good idea. Much easier to get around with.

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I believe I'm reasonably qualfied to comment on this one, but can't give a definitive answer as it depends on your preferences.
As a mountain leader, I'm very used to carrying medium-large packs up and down mountains, let alone city streets, so it's of no bother to me to take one.
However, I travelled RTW with my family and we each had our own back pack. Although they did the job well, we found that while the kids coped well with their small ones, myself and partner both felt that our 'specialist' Karrimor Travel Packs were too heavy (when empty) and therefore could've held more if it wasn't for all the straps, belts etc that are all built in.
Also, we found in reality that we didn't need to walk all that far with our packs, so a wheeled-holdall would have done the job and been much easier on our backs.
There is still a bit of 'naffness' surrounding the wheeled bag - they don't seem to be a true 'travellers' tool. But travellers are above all resourceful, so should use the most appropriate thing.
If your pack splits in two, you will have a bit of extra flexibility - you can carry the holdall on day trips and leave the suitcase at your accommodation.

I would say that unless you are thinking of walking a lot - with your pack, then go for the wheeled version. Some people will always swear by a back pack so that they're ready for anything. But most travellers
don't need them.