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11. Posted by akmalwahab (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hi there all,

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions..

Actually we were contemplating whether we wanted to take the plane to Edinburgh or the cruise to Newcastle. We gather that we wanted to try something else, so 15 hours of sea instead of 1 1/2 hours of air is kinda interesting and different (already spent 13 hours flight from malaysia, so enough flying)heheeh. I had been told that Malaysian doesn't need the schengen visa. Anyway thanks for the info.

Thanks for your insight. I had done a ground trip from Bali to Medan (Indonesia) last year. 2 weeks. And also road trip Australia (Melbourne - Perth) 10 days and road trip USA-Canada (San Francisco - Vancouver). It not as far as europe but it was tiring. But fun. And after much thought, yeah. I think i will be totally exhausted. At first we were thinking to stretch it to 3 weeks. But with the euro is 4.8 times more than RM, we just can't afford it. So we cut it down to 2 weeks and scrapped off Austria, Poland & Hungary (i heard eastern europe are actually the loveliest cities in europe) and cram it all to get the budget under euro 2000. So, we had to make do with the budget and it is just a pre-planned route. So we might skip here and there if we don't think its worth to break our back for. Heheh.

Yeah, i've been told. But this is just a pre planned itinerary. We might skip here and there if we don't really feel like it. Hehe. But the main ones that i really wanted to go would be Prague & Amsterdam (that's why in the pre-planned itinerary we allocated at least 2 nites). I have a cousin living in Newcastle. So does that explains why more days in Newcastle? Hehe. We might be covering the English countryside while we are there & Scotland. And i just wanted to buy something that is so local and really represent the place that i am going (if there such a thing) or might settle out with fridge magnets and key chains. Heard from my cousin that by the time i arrive they are going to have sale in London. So i might do most of my shopping in London (got lots of request from friends who wanted me to buy something for them)

At first we were thinking of flying in to Amsterdam from KL then fly out from London. But then everything change when Airasia introduce their London route. We manage to bought the ticket fro RM2000 (euro421) including tax and all. So it really save up our budget. We booked the eurotrain tickets during MATTA fair in February. But for some places we are goin by plane. At some places as well i will be meeting friends who are working with the Malaysian Embassy there (Paris, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, London) so they will show us around. But i will let you know about my whole trip. Not a problem.

The place that i must and really want to go is Prague. The rest, i think it will be skipped from time to time.

I'll skip everything except for Prague. I have to go to Prague. Haha.:)

I think i will enjoy the countryside. Thanks for the advice. I will take it into account. And scotland too. Any idea of what i can do in Edinburgh?

12. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

The place that i must and really want to go is Prague. The rest, i think it will be skipped from time to time.

If that is the case consider flying from Paris or Zurich to Prague.

Save yourself the detour to Lucerne and the long trainride up again to Prague. Mt Titlis isn't that exciting, any particular reason you are going there?

13. Posted by akmalwahab (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Mt Titlis isn't that exciting, any particular reason you are going there?[quote]

I never played with snow before. So wanna play with snow (i know it sounds so lame but thats the truth).
Maybe a flight from Zurich would be good. Have to double check with my friend whether it is within our budget.

14. Posted by OHannemari (Budding Member 44 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

You got a lot of comments there already and yes you might be crazy with such an itinerary but let me get to your actual question: things to see in the cities.

Well to be honoust I do not know about all the places but I can tell you about some, you will probably not have time to see all the things but a nice list to chose from:

Paris - Since you seem to have a bit longer here, do not miss père-lachaise. It is a huge graveyard and that might sound rather boring/everything except beautiful but I promise you it is wonderful! There are many famous people buried here and just walking through the small lanes with big mausoleums and sculptures when looking for them is nice. A calm place with lots of trees and things to see. Next to this, of course you will have to see the Eiffel tower, save some time though and don´t climb it. Instead climb up to Arc de Triomph for a good view, cheaper and no long lines. In the early evening go up to sacre coeur for another beautiful view over te city and to enjoy the people hanging out there. You will find many nice restaurants and bars in both the Latin quarter and Marais district. Don´t go into Louvre, you need more time for this but do go to the square in front of it and walk through the Tulieres (gardens).

Berlin - Walk from the Brandenburger Tor to the momument for Jews (very close to each other) and enter this monument (it is huge, and free to enter), very special. In the centre you can find many cheap places to have some good food (had half pizza + wine + bread in nice restaurant for 5,50) so do not just entere the first Bratwurst place you see when you are hungry, look around! If you want to go out in the night you can go to Ostbahnhof and enjoy the underground clubs next to the water there. The Pergamon museum is a very nice one to visit if you have enough time.

Amsterdam - If you have time go to the Anne Frank museum, it is very important for Dutch history but if you don´t have so much time can be missed, not THAT special I think. The Jordaan is a very nice neighbourhood to walk through, typical old Dutch (city)district with the distinctive Dutch houses. Waterlooplein market is a nice one if you like shopping at flea markets. ´De negen straatjes´ have a lot of little boutiques and second hand stores. If you like dresses go to Laura Dolls - 100´s of them there, all second hand. Leidseplein and surroundings is the best place for going out, café Weber and Lux are popular in that area. You might want to check if there are concerts you like in Paradiso or Melkweg, the two big venues of Amsterdam, both located in the centre.
For more info check

don´t forget to have fun!


15. Posted by AdamH77 (Inactive 41 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

With you not having much time in each place I'd highly recommend going on the 'free' walking tours with sandeman ( They have one in pretty much every city you are going to so you'll be able to get maps/details etc from them for the next city. You only tip as much as you can give and they'll be helpful with places to go and buy stuff/eat. Plus they'll take you round to all the major tourist sites in a few hours.

16. Posted by Redpaddy (Inactive 1004 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I really like your individual replies - quite personal and a nice compliment, I thought.
Edinburgh?? You know what I like about Edinburgh - is that although it's quite hilly, it's the most glorious city to walk around. One of Britain's very finest. I really like the castle, although it always full of endless tourists and I much prefer one of the old deserted ruins further North. To tell you everything I recommend would run into several pages. Try and enter the city via the Forth Bridge (there are 2 - one road, one rail) and just admire the 60 seconds on both sides as you go across.
Have a great trip.

17. Posted by akmalwahab (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

OHannemari ;)
Thanks for your suggestion...i think i will try that....its going to be 2 nites in Paris...and the route has been changed...i post it later after i finish replying

Cool... thanks for the advice...i just browse thru the net to see it...thanks for the suggestion

Basically this is how i respond towards my shoutout in is more convenient...hehe....
Anyway...thanks for the thing...i will stay tuned to the window to see it...
Castles....thats what i heard about edinburgh...i was thinking of going to Loch Ness...but it is way further up...maybe next time...heheh

Anyway...Here is my new proposed itinerary....had some fight with my friend and cousin about the route we are going to take....

in London (Marble Arch)

noon - Paris

then from then on without specific dates
Brussels (on the way to Amsterdam)
Lucerne (Mt Titlis)
Zurich (fly back to Newcastle)
Kuala Lumpur (23 May 2009)

We had flown in to London and fly out from London on 23 May 2009

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