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Hi there

We have resorted to getting a hire car to travel around parts of Scotland in September. (Love the flexibility, cringe at the cost!) I want to see as much as possible in the time we have there but am worried that I'm trying to squish in too much into too little time. To cut back on our loop of Scotland we could easily leave out the Isle of Skye which I have read is really gorgeous??? Should I do this or would I later regret it?? Would love to hear from those that have been there, done that for some help please.

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Skye is so tempting. And as you probably know - all road tolls in Scotland have now been scrapped. The toll across and back from Skye (for the one minute crossing) was around £12. Now it's all free.
One thing to bear in mind with Skye, is it's extremely mountainous - thus it rains an awful lot. I've seen it both cloudy and constantly wet - and with clear blue skye (sorry).
The loveliest thing about Skye is that it's free to get to. All the other islands require a ferry ride. Fun though it is, the ferries across are amongst the most expensive (per mile) in the world.
See where you're journey through The Glens is taking you - sigh at the passing scenery, look at your watch - and decide on the day.... Quite easy really.
Sounds wonderful - Lucky you.

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Both Wikitravel and Wikipedia have comprehensive background information on the Isle of Skye which might sway your decision. Here are the links to both: Wikitravel - Skye - Wikipedia - Skye

This site also has a good guide to Scotland. To access the info, click the "Travel Guide" link in the navigation menu.

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Thanks so much for the tips and links! I've heard about the bridge and how much easier that makes getting there. Was still considering catching the ferry from Mallaig on the way there just so there'd be no backtracking - may rethink if it's really that much. Would love to fly by the seat of my pants as to the roads taken, but read that accommodation can be quite tricky to find at that time of year (early Sept) and it's wise to book ahead. True or no??

Redpaddy, you mentioned that Skye is very mountainous - are the roads okay or should we considered less distance with our driving. I was keen to do a circuit around Skye - should we go to the southwest or is it more picturesque to the northeast???

any suggestions greatly appreciated....

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The roads are just fine on Skye - but some are single track with passing places. In a day, you will be able to do all of it, I mean North and South by car, not ALL of it!!
Please don't worry about finding a room in September. There are farmhouses doing excellent value B&B all over the islands and mainland. The food will be just astounding and you get to meet the real locals too.
I've been doing Scotland for years and have never had a problem finding a room en-route. There's no need to book one in advance.
Do you drink whisky?? I have been to many distilleries in The Highlands and can recommend one or two very good ones if you're interested in visiting them.
What a wonderful time you're going to have.